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Jul 5, 2006 06:22 AM

NYC Interest -- Time Out New York Food Reviews on Demand @ Time-Warner Cable

I stumbled upon TONY's on demand channel, #1112, and noted that they have an extensive number of restaurant reviews, reports, and thematic roundups (e.g. best gardens, best places in Queens). They can be found under the heading, "Eat Out." Most, but not all of the pieces, are reported by James Oliver Cury. In most cases, these three to nine-minute reports are far superior to what you find in the magazine itself.

It's immensely helpful to see restaurants you have never eaten at and, of course, to see the food. I'm a little disappointed how many of the choices are upscale, given TONY's readership, it's a little bit of a surprise. And some of the reports break your heart. For example, the Mexican roundup starts promisingly when Cury talks about different trends, and mentions Nuevo-fusiony cuisine, and then proceeds to explore ONLY such places, totally neglecting anything outside of Manhattan, anything less than expensive, or any traditional Mexican fare.

Still, Cury and his comrades, although not slick by network standards, are fun to spend time with. Cury isn't full of himself and clearly loves food. It's worth a look.

1112 is presumably not available on non-digital boxes. What about outside of Manhattan?

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  1. There is the same station in Queens.

    1. We're currently in Queens and love the TONY channel.

      I wish they updated it more frequently though. I feel like I've seen everything and am anxiously waiting for new reviews.

      I really enjoy seeing the restaurant interiors instead of the one small photo you may get in the magazine. You get a better feel for the vibe that way.

      1. Time Out New York on Demand is an awesome resource, I definitely agree. They actually just launched a website - The features are great, there are now maps to the venues and you can link straight the websites of all the places they have done segments on and email to friends. Not many people know, so we need to spread the word!!

        1. I stumbled on it as well and their little vignettes are definitely neat, but when they said you need to take the 7 train to get to the Bohemian Beer Garden, I just rolled my eyes.

          1. The original comment has been removed