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Jul 5, 2006 05:07 AM

Burlington or near QEW - Mizuna's or Pepperwood or suggestions please!

Meeting my Mom on Friday evening for an early supper so she can drive back to St. Catharines by sunset. Any suggestions for memorable food near Ikea or Mapleview Mall or somewhere exactly halfway from St. Catharines to Toronto? Was thinking of Mizuna's or Pepperwood Bistro based on Toronto Life recs, but haven't been to either so not sure which would be better, or if something else is better (we like ALL kinds of food, and any price range is fine). IF you've eaten at Mizuna's or Pepperwood or anywhere near the QEW, please post comments!

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  1. I would suggest Mediterraneo on Plains road (501 Plains Rd, just on the other side of the QEW from Mapleview). Very good food in a lovely, relaxed, low-key atmosphere.

    The last time I was by, they were building a patio...

    The food is excellent, however the service can be spotty since they've let Dominic go, there are times when the chef will come out himself to ensure the proper condiments are given to the dishes.

    If you visit at lunch time, they have a phenomenal selection of burgers on their menu - a current favorite is the curry burger - with haloumi cheese, red pepper hummus and a strong curry flavour. Their sweet potato fries are a nice accomaniment...

    If you go, save room for dessert and try the Butter Tart (an amazingly rich turn on the classic Canadian treat enhanced with white chocolate, macadamia nuts and Bailey's Ice Cream).

    1. Not near the QEW, but downtown Burlington (5 min drive). Make a reservation on the patio at Martini House (great food) and enjoy the beautiful weather..

      1. I haven't been myself, but one of my colleagues had a superb meal last night at Blacktree Restaurant. It's in the Roseland Plaza at Guelph Line and New St. Not far from Ikea/Mapleview.

        Their website isn't much, but here it is:

        1. Unfortunately, Mizuna's closed a few months ago. Pepperwood's is OK, but nothing special. I second Blacktree - it may be the best restaurant in Burlington/Hamilton right now. Chef Matteo has worked with some big names in the past (Thuet, Stadtlander, Susur) and is very talented. The menu changes monthly and can be described as French/nouvelle. Everything is made from scratch including the bread (which is accompanied by an always changing flavoured butter -like cherry or butternut squash). I've been there three times and I've never been disappointed from the appetizers to the mains to the desserts. Most highly recommended!
          BTW, I did see one of the ex-owners of Mizuna's working at Blacktree the last time I was there.