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Jul 5, 2006 05:03 AM

Cheap ethnic food in walking distance to Olive and 6th downtown

There seems to be a paucity of good ethnic food downtown. I would especially like to find any of the following (preferably within walking distance of 6th and Olive for a lunch break - Korean or Indian - but any really good ethnic food would do. And keep in mind Grand Central Market is hard to do on an hour lunch break!

Any suggestions?

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  1. Indian downtown as far as I know is confined to Gil's at the Hotel Stilwell (8th and Hill? Broadway? Olive, maybe?) and the Indian place in the Santee food court. Korean? Lots of little holes-in-the-wall, mostly owned by Koreans, do some Korean; the cafe in my own bldg (7th/Flower) conjures up kalbi every once in a while... There's various kebab-based things, in some variety, including Turkish and Persian, in the alley in the Jewelry District (just north of 7th?)

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      I've been to a few of the midlle eastern restaurants in the 7th St. alley, ordering a shawerma and a teramsu. Although the alley is actually very charming, I would say the food is not great. It's good, but nothing really that special. Granted, that might not matter to a hungry worker looking for a quick lunch.

    2. Korean BBQ Plus in the Bonaventure Hotel (5th & Figueroa) is OK for decent and cheap Korean plates with generous portions.

      1. I feel your pain.

        There is good korean bbq (i.e. teriyaki bowl) on 6th between Grand and Olive, on the north side of the street. Not transcendent, but decent enough for lunch, and cheap.

        There is the Sultan, with decent middle eastern food, on 6th, just east of Broadway on the North side of the street.

        There is a Mexican place, on the north side of 5th, I think it's between Hill and Broadway, that's okay.

        Despite the proximity (car-wise) to very good ethnic food, there's very little in walking distance in that area.

        1. 2 great places:
          LA New York Pizza(formerly Lamonica's)518 Sixth. Whole pizza or by the slice

          Terrace Cafe(off Grand, in the walkway behind the Checkers hotel, across from the library. Apart from usual sandwich shop fare, they also serve Kalbi and other Korean dishes.

          550 S. Hope St
          Terrace Entrance
          LA, 90071

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          1. re: calabasas_trafalgar

            Gotta say, I think "NY Pizza" is a downhill step from its predecessor. On the other hand, I think the pizza at "Next Door Pizza" (8th btw. Fig and Flower) is as good a by-the-slice pie as you can get downtown.

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              It's not really a successor, the owners are the same as before. I haven't noticed any drop off at all.

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                I tried Pizza Next Door(a bit far to walk at lunch for me), and it's pretty good, but I'll probably stick with NY/Lamonica's. It's directly across the street from my office, and they take phone orders, so it couldn't be more convenient. And I really like the pizza, and the owners(Nick & Lila)are very nice.

            2. I had previously been a fan of both the Pasadena (now gone?) and downtown locations of Lamonica's, but I've been disappointed the 2-3 times I've been to the downtown location since the name change, (particularly since I visited NY in February and refreshed my memory of what the real thing should taste like...) and take no delight in reporting it. On the other hand, I've never been less than pleasantly surprised and pleased with the slice at Next Door. Anyone have ANYTHING positive to say about any other downtown by-the-slice places?

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                Roma at 5th and Hill is decent, but I still prefer Lamonica's