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Jul 5, 2006 03:28 AM

Hong Kong Private Dining Question

I was just wondering if anyone has had the pleasure of dining at a private dining establishment run by "Broken Tooth Shing" on HK Island. I don't have the address details as I have always been taken by my uncle in HK but I was wondering if they are still around.

I've been going to his place(s) since the 80s but I haven't been back to HK for 4 years now and was just thinking about it. Hopefully I'll be in HK this winter and try and get a table there.

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  1. Hi. I don't have any information about "Broken Tooth Shing" but have heard about two others that are meant to be amazing:

    Indredients (43 Gough St. 852-2544-5133)

    Xi Yan Culinary Art (3/f 231-233 Queens Rd. E. Wanchai 852 9020 9196)

    My understanding is that they book up months in advance. If you do go, report back, as I will be in HK in October and would love to expereince one of these myself!