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Jul 5, 2006 03:21 AM

What inexpensive, but good restaurant in the city has a party room to host a 90th birthday party for 30 people

My grandmother is turning 90. About 30 of her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren are all staying downtown for the weekend. We have one night taken for an elegant dinner. Do you know of any casual, inexpensive, but good, place in the city that has a private party room that would accommadate 30 people?

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  1. Maggiano's downtown. Not may favorite, but serves up competent family style Italian food in a pleasant atmoshpere. This place is geared towards corporate parties, weddings, birthdays, and many other special events. I can think of 10-15 Italian Restaurants that I prefer but Maggiano's fits the bill as far as...location, price, food quality, kid friendly, valet parking, etc.

    1. Try one of the places in Greektown - for instance, Greek Islands has so many rooms, they surely could accomodate your party. Almost any Greek restaurant would be informal and inexpensive enough to fit your needs, and most people (including kids) like the food.

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        Changed my mind. Yes, Greektown would fit your needs as well. Greektown is a better choice than Maggiano's for "Chain" Italian Food. Greek Islands at Adams and Halsted (yes, I know that they have a couple locations but this does not mean that they're a chain) has absolutely fantastic food for very reasonable prices and can acommodate large groups. I love this place! The atmosphere is very festive as well...and there's free valet parking. I just dined at my favorite Greektown restaurant, Santorini (more expensive than Greek Islands), which is accross the street from Greek Islands. I orded the Greek Chicken and Navy Bean soup but I must say, Greek Islands are much better than Santorini's. Santorini's chargrilled calamari was superb. I would pick Santorini's for a more intimate gathering and Greek Island's on a more frequent casual lunch or dinner. I've dined at all of the Greektown restaurants and conclude that Greek Islands has really kicked it up several notches over the last few years. It was only recently that due to Greek friend's insistance that "Greek Islands is the best food in Greektown", that I went back after a 10-15 year absence. Peter D., you were right!

      2. Greektown works, but if you're looking for Italian, I think Scoozi's is much better than Maggiano's - and fairly reasonable.