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Dining in Burlington, VT

We have a few nights in Burlington and would like some recommendations for dining out. We're Brooklynites and like a myriad of types of food but mostly, we like good honest food. Ethnic, local, whatever. Just good.

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        I'll third smokejacks. My favorite Burlington restaurant.

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          First, I highly recommend the mussels at Smokejacks. The burger however, (which apparently is raved about in USAToday and other places) was very salty. It was also somewhat undercooked for my order.

          Restaurant was somewhat empty...overall a decent experience. I don't think I'd go back due to all the other options in Burlington and surrounding parts. But I wouldn't resist returning if someone wanted to go.

    1. I've not been there myself, but the place that fascinates me is A Single Pebble:


      It's "authentic" Chinese food cooked by a Cauacasian chef with an obsession for Chinese food, and Vermont Magazine called it the best restaurant of ANY type in Vermont.

      A San Francisco Bay Area Chowhound, Gordon Wing, reported positively on it when I spotlighted it on my own website:


      1. Definately A Single Pebble. Bove's is a Burlington institution if you feel like pasta w/red sauce. If you feel like getting out of town try the Black Sheep Bistro in Vergennes or the Bobcat Cafe in Bristol. Went to the Bobcat last night and had a sweet potato & black bean burrito with chicken. Yum!

        1. Closer to town than Black Sheep Bistro is The Bearded Frog (on Rt. 7, in Shelburne), owned by the same person. We were in Burlington over the 4th and had dinner there on Monday night. Apparently the place just opened, so there were some service kinks, but the food was great - the crawfish chowder was especially good, as was the duck breast, though I didn't like the wild rice cakes that accompanied the duck. They have tables on the porch - a good choice if the restaurant is crowded, because it's very loud inside. We've also been to A Single Pebble, and loved it.

          1. Totally forgot about The Bearded Frog - yes it's owned by the same person as Black Sheep and it opened about 2 weeks ago. Thanks for the reminder. Looking forward to checking it out.

            1. I live in the area and have eaten good and bad food all over the world, including Brooklyn. I was surprised by the replies posted above. I think Smokejack's has gone way down hill. They haven't changed their menu in a decade and the restaurant is sad looking and almost always empty.
              The Single Pebble is interesting but extremely salty. A New Yorker has much better chinese food and would be disapointed. I am friend's with the chef there and do enjoy a few items on the menu.
              The black sheep and bearded frog is also a mixed bag. I know them quite well and end up there with some regularity because they are well liked. I find the food extremely rich and almost always feel a little sick afterwards. I know the chef very well and I think he fattens up every dish with a stick of butter for good measure. If you go to either one be sure to post the results, I'll be interested to see what you think. p.s., both restaurants are extremely noisey.
              If you are going to eat in Vergennes, a great town, you have to go to Christophe's on the Green. This is a great restaurant with an inventive French chef. He creates a meal and a dining experience that are both wonderful. I have never been disapointed there, this is a jewel of a restaurant.
              In Burlington there is a relatively new restaurant called the Green Room which also has great food. This is a truly inventive menu, you will be very pleased with almost everything you order and the crowd is great, very lively.
              Shelburne has a lovely restaurant called Cafe Shelburne. The crowd is a bit older but the food is solid, no misses on the menu and they understand service. A bit pricey.
              Finally, if you like italian try Trattoria Delia or LaMante in Burlington. Both are great and Delia which is always busy is a favorite with locals.
              Good luck!

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                I forgot to add Luenig's to the list. They are a lively bistro on Church Street in downtown Burlington and their food is great. The frequently have live jazz and they offer a nice brunch.

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                  I'll second Trattoria Delia. Every meal I've had there has been really good, without even the "...for Vermont."

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                    Went to the Green Room in Burlington and was very pleased with the food. Ordered 3 Large Plates and 2 Small Plates, which was a good amount for 2 people. Ran about $100 total with tip (2 drinks).
                    I was quite surprised with the atmosphere though. While it is very nice inside, there was all but maybe 2 others in the whole place. I was there at about 630/7. Dont know if it was so empty cause it doesn't resonate with the locals, if it maybe fills up later at night, or if it was because UVM isn't is full swing yet. In any case, outside the drinks (bellini & red sangria which were average) and dessert (got the butterscotch creme brulee and the sugar was burned), the food was very good. Great suggestion! Thanks

                  2. I remember eating in the Grist mill (Mist Grill??) and enjoying it quite a bit last year. Is this place still around?

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                    1. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Starry Night Cafe in Ferrisburgh in between Vergennes and Burlignton. By far top quality food.

                      The Mist Grill has been taken over by someone else and has good feedback on here:

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                        Yes, Starry Night has lovely food, good cocktails, and great decor and patio for eating outside. It's always the hilight of my trips to VT!

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                          Starry Night also gets my vote! Worth the drive. I've never been disappointed with the food there. Great place for wine and "small plates"!

                        2. Starry Night is a nice restaurant it's just in the middle of nowhere. I like eating in Vergennes, Burlington, Shelburne because you can walk around a little before and/or aftr dinner. The chef is solid and the restaurant is very pretty. I have never been to the mist grill. Thanks for the link.

                          1. So, have you been to Burlington? Did you try any of the restaurants we recommended?
                            Just curious.

                            1. RedGirl probably already went to Burlington, but thought I'd add my two cents for future searchers. My faves in the Queen City:

                              Daily Planet
                              Pacific Rim
                              A Single Pebble

                              1. HERE I AM!!! ...back from vermont! we spent a few nights there and the first night we went to 'a single pebble'...i knew, thanks to you guys, to make reservations. it was FABULOUS! i'm a new yorker who has lived in hong kong, singapore, and visited all over s.e. asia. the service was amazing (perhaps spoiling me for future chinese restaurants) and the food was great. i can't recommend this restaurant enough.

                                we had lunch at libby's blue line diner in colchester - old-fashioned and great service. good burgers and homemade fries and the strawberry-rhubarb pie was good.

                                we had a glass of wine at some 'wine world' place...not sure what it was called. the wine was great, one of our party had a beer in a frosty glass. the cheese plate was an abomination. we ordered the large cheese plate and it was 3 small pieces of cheese...the soft one soft of plopped on the plate with semi-old bread pieces. no decoration, no fruit, no nothing. a beige-white platter. big comfie couches tho.

                                we ate the last night at leunigs. i wanted to eat at smokejacks but was out-voted (actually, i wanted to go back to 'a single pebble'). i thought it was overpriced and i am not fond of odd combos. everyone said they liked their food. i had a duck confit cake appetizer - i thought it was overwhelming in its taste. a friend had a gemelli, shrimp combo with a brie sauce. she liked it. i thought it was awful (tho i didn't tell her that!).

                                thanks for all your recommendations. we go back next summer (kid goes to camp) so i'll be back for more (tho my first dinner will def. be chinese!)

                                1. Can't believe no one has mentioned Flatbread yet (or as we like to call it - "fatbread"). Delicious wood-oven fired pizza joint with great beer list and local ingredients. The original Flatbread in Waitsfield, VT has a website here:

                                  The Burlington location is separately licensed from the Waitsfield operation and doesn't seem to have its own website, but here is a link with the address and phone:

                                  Our favorites are the Vermont maple-fennel sausage and the Punctuated Equilibrium (with chevre, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, etc.). Salad is tasty too. Haven't had a bad experience there yet and the price is reasonable. They don't take reservations so be prepared to wait if you go on a Fri/Sat night during prime eating hours.

                                  If you go for funky vegetarian types of places, Stone Soup is a fun lunch or early dinner spot with a kind of buffet operation. It can get pretty busy, though:

                                  1. I gotta admit, I fail to see (or taste) what's so special about Flatbread...

                                    I know people rave about it, but I was completely underwhelmed on the two occasions I ate there. It's a pizza joint, for crying out loud, and the menu is pretty limited. And I'm not crazy about their, ahem, "eclectic" pizza toppings. Obviously, YMMV.

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                                      I agree. It carries way too much hype. The Waitsfield location has a cool vibe in the dead of winter when firing on all cylinders - but otherwise, all my experienced at Flatbread Company locations have been unfulfilled hype galore.

                                    2. If you do come back to Burlington and truly appreciate good service and good food, Trattoria Delia is your choice. Sorry you missed it. Just down the street from the so-called "wine bar" and hyped pizza place. Reservations are recommended, though, especially if it is a show night at the Flynn Theater, around the corner.

                                      1. I will agree on Smokejacks but will stongly disagree on Single Pebble. The past two times I have been there it was very disappointing and I doubt that I will return as they seem to have done the classic blanding of ethnic food for the american tastebuds. This comment will surely draw fire from devout Single Pebble supporters, but this chowhound prefers the hour drive to Montreal for ethnic food rather than suffer blandly.

                                        One unknown treat is the Vietnamese Grocery store on North, on Wednesday evenings they get a delivery of very wonderful Vietnamese sandwiches on french bread. They go fast...

                                        1. Smokejacks was very dissapointing. Your typical trendy place in my opinion. The food was just okay. I do have to say that the cheese selection was first rate and wine selection decent. Service was poor. The waitress had no class, sneezing all over the place and the bartender a complete zero with a big attitude. It is Vermont, not San Fran- lighten up!!! I would not go back. There must be a classy romantic place with nice atmosphere and great food. We have yet to find it in Burlington. We are still looking for suggestions.

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                                            I was on vacation in Burlington the week before the last and had an absolutely excellent meal at Trattoria Delia. Atmosphere was nice and service was phenomenal. If that isn't what you're looking for, I don't know what is.

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                                              I have only been to Burlington one time but our meal at L'Amante was fabulous and the service was excellent.

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                                              My husband and I love L'Amante -- also Italian, but I think the food is more exciting than the stuff at Trattoria Delia. Consistantly wonderful stuff -- the stuffed squash blossoms with Taleggio cheese drizzled with truffle oil and honey are great, as is the gnocchi with braised pork and cherries. Mmm.

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                                                I'm seconding the Trattoria Delia recommendation. I recently wrote a review of my experiences there, as well. :) Absolutely wonderful.

                                              2. "The Single Pebble is interesting but extremely salty. A New Yorker has much better chinese ... do enjoy a few items on the menu.
                                                The black sheep and bearded frog is also a mixed bag... find the food extremely rich and almost always feel a little sick afterwards. I know the chef very well and I think he fattens up every dish with a stick of butter for good measure."
                                                Well put. A sponge cooked in enough salt and fat will appeal to some people. A Single Pebble will drown you in both. That isn't to say you won't enjoy it, I don't but many emphatically do, just be forewarned; don't go hungry.
                                                Flatbread is otherwise. Mouthfeel and fireworks aren't on the menu. Social responsibility, respect for employees, fresh local ingredients and a cheerful house make it easy to eat there; it's fun to watch the wood oven (just keep clear of the peel!) and the pizza is good, which is better than most pizza. It is, however, pizza.
                                                What's happened to Daily Planet that no one even mentions it?

                                                1. Fabulous! I'm planning a trip to Burlington, VT as well... :)

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                                                  1. re: teamuse

                                                    Let us know where you go and what you have! :)

                                                  2. ANY TRIP TO BURLINGTON HAS TO INCLUDE A LATE NIGHT FEEDBAG AT NECTAR'S!! Did I miss that rec. as I browsed these? I worked there almost 25 years ago serving trays of Rolling Rocks and water to the very stoned patrons all packed in to see Phish get their start. Fantastic - You must get some french fries and gravy after a night on the town. It's still got great homecooked simple food.