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Jul 5, 2006 01:13 AM

Chez Shea

On the menu:
Rhubarb Blossom
mascarpone-orange cream & poached rhubarb in crispy phyllo with crème anglaise

My goodness, what a fine dessert - even if you don't yet know you love rhubarb.

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  1. Chez Shea has a very nice 7 (?) course tasting menu for $68 that you can pair with a wine for an extra $30. The Chanterelle, onion and Gruyere tart, foie gras, and cheese courses were all stand outs this past weekend. Worth another look if you haven't been in a while.

    1. The bar at Chez Shea is also a great place for something light, late at night. Nice and intimate with very shareable dishes.

      1. This place quitely serves some of the best food in the city. It is one of my very, very few "I stake my reputation on it" recommendations. As in, the food and service are always of such an outstanding level. Too many restaurants in this town, regardless of their local and national accolades, leave way too much to mitigating circumstances to determine whether you will have a good time. (i.e. did you get their only good server, knowing someone, a menu minefield of success and suckage, etc.)

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          I agree 100%. I've never had even an average bite at Chez Shea. Everything is always wonderful. Also, their bar my 2nd favorite place in Seattle to have a drink (first is Zig Zag).