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Jul 5, 2006 12:49 AM

Lake Placid dinner

Birthday time again while doing visiting day at camp. Anyone have a suggestion for dinner in Lake Placid?

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  1. Depends on what kind of food you're seeking (and how casual or fancy)..

    Right IN the village, I like Nicola's for a nice dining experience. If you're looking to go more casual (atmosphere and food-wise), Jimmy's 21 is the place for good ol' Italian fare. The Cottage (part of the Mirror Lake Inn) is also a nice place to go for good casual food.

    For more ideas:

    1. We've been going to Lake Placid for over 40 years now and we have a few favorites to mention.
      For an upscale dinner or just a special bar menu at a real nice place try the Interlacken Inn behind the Mirror Lake.
      We ate there again last weekend and we love the place.
      This is a small Inn with one of the best chefs in the North Country.
      Adirondack Steak and Seafood (across from the Band Stand on Main Street)is real popular with most folks.
      You can eat outside and sample their freshly made micro-beers if you're into beer.If you're a beer fanatic try the Lake Placid Brew Pub also.
      They have award-winning Ubu(named after their dog)Ale---delicious!
      The new Adirondack Lodge is worth just looking at as no expense was spared to build this monstrosity to luxury.We've had bar food there(mediocre at best) but we've not eaten there.
      This is a place you just want to walk through.
      The Cottage,aacross from the Mirror Lake Inn is good also.
      You're right on the water and the food is really good.
      Across the lake is the Boathouse(check for hrs. they are open).
      This is good also and is right on the lake as well.
      La Veranda,up on the hill across from the Crown Inn(upscale name for Holiday Inn) is both excellent,gourmet,and very expensive but worth every dime.
      Our boy went to camp at Camp WoodSmoke two summers and at the North Country School for 3 summers.
      Both are really fine operations!