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Jul 5, 2006 12:19 AM

Dinner in Klamouth Falls, OR

Anyone have any group (6-8) dinner recs for Klamouth Falls, OR? I will be overnighting there on August 4, 2006. Also breakfast the next AM.

Gratefull fo any suggestion other than Denny's.

TIA, Phil

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  1. Good luck! Btw: if you do a search here or on make sure to spell it "Klamath"!
    Not any places I'd eat in that region outside of Ashland.

    1. Try Gino's Cafe Italiano on East Main Street. It is owned by my sister-in-law. She is only open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday. Arrive early (5-5:30) for a booth by a stained glass window. My favorite appetizers are the Italian sausage and sauted mushrooms......yummmmmmm. And her seafood fettucini is killer! It's a rich pink color because she adds red wine to the sauce. She also has a full bar and a nice selection of Italian wines, especially from our part of Italy......Reggio d the toe of the *boot*.