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Jul 4, 2006 11:50 PM

Phoenix for one

My BF is travelling tonight to Phoenix and has all day tomorrow to pass the time before returning on Thursday. I have already done a Phoenix search and came up with lots of replies consisting mainly of rants about how there is nothing chowish in Phoenix and everything is located in a minimall.

So, obviously that doesn't help.

He will be by himself and eats pretty much every type of food. I was thinking maybe a restaurant that had a bar to sit at where dinner is served also? I find bars less awkward than a table when dining alone.

Nothing outrageously priced, but it doesn't have to be fast food price either.

Lunch recs, too.

BTW, he's staying at a Radisson near the airport, but he'd be willing to head out anywhere, he's adventurous.


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  1. Happy Fourth of July! Somehow your search has missed some of our treasures, and for the life of me, I cannot understand how Los Sombreros or Richardsons or Chino Bandito or Cyclo or T. Cooks or Vincent's or Chris Gross' Fermier Bistro or Cowboy Ciao or Pizzeria Bianco or Zinc or the bar at Roaring Fork fell through the cracks in favor of rants about strip mall and the lack of decent chow in the Phoenix area. Nothing could be farther from the truth and I am sorry that your search was a bust. Search using these names and see if you don't get better results.

    Have BF try any one of the above suggestions and, I promise, he'll have a terrific meal.

    1. If he's staying at the Radisson, I believe he is close to House of Tricks on Mill Avenue in Tempe. ... Another treasure. ...

      Phoenix/Scottsdale is very touristy. ... Lots of great choices. Too many restaurants, not enough time or budget!

      1. I have found that some of the best chow in Phoenix is from little places in strip malls, so don't discount that aspect. And, there are lots of chowish places in Phoenix. Unfortunately, they are often overshadowed by tons of chain restaurants.

        Sherri gave some great advice and I have never really had a problem as a single diner anywhere in the Valley.

        I would also suggest Phoenix Ranch Market, Pepe's Taco Villa, Red Devil Italian (East McDowell location), Delux at 32nd Street and Camelback, and La Grande Orange Pizzeria.

        I hope your BF enjoys Phoenix.

        1. I stayed at the Royal Palms Resort last year and ate by myself at the bar at T. Cook's several times -- really good food, and it felt totally comfortable to be there on my own. Food & Wine magazine called it the best restaurant in the city.