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Jul 4, 2006 11:41 PM

Lobster Roll and other good eats in Boothbay Harbor and Portland

I am taking a trip to the Boothbay Harbor and Portland areas later this summer. I was hoping someone could make a recommendation on a great lobster roll. I don't want one with the mayo, just pure lobster, butter, and on a hotdog roll. If you have any other suggestions on restaurants (besides a lobster roll) that would be great. Ice Cream too!

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  1. Best lobster Roll I have had was actually between Boothbay and Portland, just before going over the Wiscasset bridge on rt1 heading north its on the left called Reds, its a small shack and the lobster rolls are 12 bucks but the value is amazing jam packed with claws and tail meat.

    On the ice cream part look up a place called Smiling Hill Farms, it out near Westbrook on outer congress street (rt 25). They are a complete production from the cows to the final product everything is all natural and a fresh as you can get,

    1. I second the vote for Reds - but the price seems to have gone up to $15 per roll just in time for the summer tourist season. It's worth it - you get what appears to be the meat of an entire lobster - with a susbtantial tail and claws, and no filler - on a fresh hot dog roll that reminds me of the type they used to have at Nedick's in NYC. You can get either mayo or melted (not sure that it's drawn, so let's say melted) butter on the side.


      1. I really love The Lobster Dock in Boothbay Harbor. It's located across the harbor from the dense, touristy part of town. Haven't had their lobster roll, but everything else I've had there has consistently been fabulous. Their menu says you can have it either way, mayo or hot/buttered. You can check them out here:

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          Second the post on the lobster dock. Mitch's hot lobster roll is definitely the way to go. Skip the traffic and lines at Red's.

        2. I like Andrew's Harborside for dinner in Boothbay....and if you're looking for ice cream, the Boothbay ice Cream Factory is gonna be your home-away-from-home! Yeah!!!!

          1. Bet's Famous Fish Fry in Boothbay, en route down to the harbor. It's not much more than a trailer and all Bet fries is haddock or cod, but one sandwich is more than a pound of fish, hand-breaded. She makes all her sauces by hand, too.



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              I love Bet's! The best fish sandwich ever. I hope to be able to go there this week while I spend a week camping and real estate hunting in mid-coastal Maine.