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Chinatown Delivery

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Any Chinatown restaurants deliver to Center City?

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  1. Szechuan Tasty House delivers, I'm not sure how far.

    1. Thanks. Do they have their menu posted online?

      1. I'm coming into philly late on Fri. maybe i can get a delivery from them. I cna't find an online menu. Can you?

        1. They don't deliver, but Shiao Lan Kung is open very late and is the best cantonese style restaurant in the city (it's also open on Sunday, to address one of your other posts). It's on Race St. between 9th and 10th. Here's a review:


          1. No online menu. Their number is 215-925-2839, at 902 Arch Street and they're open till midnight, though perhaps do not deliver that late.

            Depending on your tolerance for spice, I'd recommend the 3 pepper chicken, ma po tofu, the spicy dumplings, and pretty much anything they recommend that is, "ma la" style.

            I wouldn't go for the more "mall-ish" sort of orders like chicken and broccoli, lo mein, or general gau's, though you never know.

            1. I'll second joypirate's recommendations. Thought I'd add that while it may seem kind of "mall-ish," the Kung Pao Chicken is also really good, though it's not on the menu. It's not as spicy as the 3 pepper chicken--a good choice if you're not in the mood to sweat during dinner.

              1. Joypirate, what can a vegetarin order at Szechuan Tasty House? I'm not sure what's in the ma po tofu or if there is anything else you would reccomend I order.

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                  Szechuan String Beans are also very good. As with Ma Po Tofu, this generally has minced pork but can easily be ordered without it. One of the weeklies spoke positively about the vegetarian duck w/ beijing pancakes (appetizer) but I've never had it. The "green chives eggplant puffs" (another app) were nicely done deep fried things with a couple good dipping sauces, but not can't-miss. Turnip patties sound interesting but I haven't gotten to them yet.

                  I'd definitely start with the ma po tofu and green beans.

                2. ma po tofu comes with ground pork but when I ordered it they asked me if I knew that it came with pork and if i was still ok ordering it - suggesting to me that they've had vegetarians order it before. I don't think the dish suffers too much from ordering it without the pork. Also, I don't think it's that odd, I even think it has a name, Family Style Doufu perhaps.

                  1. Regarding delivery, I would add that Szechuan Tasty House delivers very quickly (three times out of four), and the food always arrives hot. Further, they usually throw in a $3 off coupon for the next visit.