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Jul 4, 2006 11:23 PM

Wentworth Grill or other Charleston Brunch suggestions

I am heading to charleston next weekend am looking for a nice brunch (preferably a champagne buffet brunch).

It looks like Charleston Place, Market Pavillion, and the Wentworth Grill at the Renaissance have one.

Any experience with the Wentworth grill?

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  1. I need to know about Charleston Brunch too

    1. Not champagne buffet but the best comfort food bacons grease buscuit low country brunch is either Jestine's Kitchen or Poogans Porch. Go early for the best buscuits.

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      1. re: BlueHerons

        BlueHerons, I see you mention Jestine's Kitchen for brunch all the time, but I have never been. What do they serve at brunch? Is it a different menu? When do they serve brunch?