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Jul 4, 2006 10:46 PM

Looking for good Sports Bar in East Bay

Would like to watch UFC 62 on Saturday night. Can anyone make a suggestion as to decent sports bar in the East Bay, first choice El Cerrito or Alameda, second choice Berkeley, Emeryville, or Oakland Jack London and North. Prefer not around Berkeley campus. No strong prefs as to cuisine, but extra points for good food, esp if it includes vegetables not prepared via frylator.

Ideas so far:

Scobie's -- Alameda
Barclays -- Oakland, don't know if they have tvs.

Comments and suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Barclay's does have tv's, one of them being very large. Plus, the food is decent pub food. I'd go there.

    1. In Alameda there's also McGees on Park St across from the Chevy dealer. They do offer food other than typical sports bar fare. It's not great but it's not bad. Have one big screen and a number of smaller screens.

      Scobie's is alright. Probably leaning more towards the frylator fare however.

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        Just to update Alameda sports bars:

        A friend and I went to McGee's to watch game five of the ALDS. Crowd was great, TVs were fine (one big one, lots of smaller ones, some of which were showing the other game). Food is as I remembered: Buffalo wings were fine if not great, fried zucchini was fine. Super nachos not so good and the tacos looked terrible. My long-standing opinion that one shouldn't order anything but fried bar food (probably Sysco and therefore reliable if not great) remains unchanged (it's the only place I've ever sent food back for being inedible). I was glad I wasn't lulled into ordering one of the Mexican "specialties." Drinks are decent and cheap, though.

        Scobie's kitchen is now a branch of Looney's BBQ (for what that's worth).

      2. Thanks for the ideas. I will also be giving Pacific Coast Brewery a call (inspired by a World Cup posting). Last time I was there, they didn't even have a frylator--something to do with building codes and vents.

        1. on the UFC site a few days ago, i found that the only sports bar they have listed as showing UFC 62 in the EB is Willie Mays SkyBox Sports Bar in Emeryville. this sports bar is located where Kimball's East used to be, right above Broken Rack pool hall. might be there also if i finish dinner in time, or might have to just order the replay.

          go ortiz and arlovski! team punishment!

          1. The original comment has been removed