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Jul 4, 2006 10:20 PM

Reasonable Italian meal in the Beach

Could anyone suggest a reasonable Italian restaurant along Queen in the east end to take my wife for a birthday dinner?

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  1. Gio Rana's Really Really Nice Restaurant at the corner of Queen and Leslie. We've had good celebratory meals there.

    1. I second Gio's although it's not in the Beach. Ci Vediamo is reasonably priced with decent food.
      A lot of people like Spiaggia, although I don't think it's anything special anymore.
      Peppino's gets good reviews, I haven't been there in ages.
      I know this sounds weird, but I've heard excellent things about Casa Di Giorgio, on Queen beside the big LCBO west of Kingston Rd. I've only ever had take-out pizza (excellent!) but I hear from friends their menu is good, as long as you know to expect traditional Italian (not too creative) food. The inside is quite nice, and they have a pretty patio, esp. compared to other places around.
      Other non-Italian places are Sauvignon and Michelle's Brasserie/Beach House.
      Also, a few of us are waiting to hear about Shenanigan's, beside Starbuck's on Queen, west of Woodbine.