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Jul 4, 2006 09:59 PM

Cleveland or Ann Arbor/Detroit

I am in the process of changing jobs and moving. Two of my prospective jobs will either take me to Cleveland or Ann Arbor.

Even though great restaurants isn't going to close the deal on either job, being in a Chowish town could edge one city to the plus.

My personal taste runs towards authentic Chinese, Indian, Greek, Japanese, Northern Italian, Brasilian, mediterranean, seafood, out of the ordinary American, Mexican, good BBQ, soul food, etc. Not an oenophile but I just enjoy the wines. Micro bews would be of interest too.

Also, any word on Chinese grocery stores would be helpful too.

Thanks folks, in advance.

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  1. Personally, I would choose Ann Arbor/Detroit/Windsor, ON due to the wide variety of food choices in the area.

    Windsor has a great variety of Chinese and Vietnamese markets. Detroit has the Eastern Market which is huge farmer's market on weekends and a variety of great food shops.

    1. I can't speak to the food choices in Ann Arbor, but Cleveland is blessed with some wonderful restaurants in some of the categories you listed (not to mention housing costs are substantially lower than Ann Arbor):

      Greek/Indian: Mad Greek (Cleveland Heights)
      Mexican: Luchita's (west 117th); Momocho (Ohio City)
      Brasilian: Sergio's (University Circle); Sarava (Shaker Sq.)
      Northern Italian: Ponte Vecchio; Osteria
      Microbrew: Great Lakes Brewing -- fantastic beer
      Chinese: a whole Asian community on the near east side, including a few Chinese grocery stores and lots of great restaurants
      Additionally, our West Side Market is a cornacopia of food.

      1. having spent lots of time in both areas, if food is playing a part in your choice, no question cleveland is it for overall variety and depth. wsm, active slow foods members, many, many farmers markets, pan-asian chinatown, little italy, hispanic/eastern european nabes, amish country nearby and oh yeah lake erie fish. aa is cute, but dominated by the college.

        1. Ann Arbor, proper would be a more expensive housing location than Cleveland and it's suburbs, Phaedrus. But towns and cities nearby A2, would be comparable in price with anything you'll find in metro Ohio. And the Michigan economy is still in the doldrums, so housing availability and prices make southeast Michigan a buyers delight. North and west and south of Ann Arbor are some of Michigan's most pleasant towns and villages. All minutes from A2.

          Michigan residents consume copious amounts of beef, but there are notable Mediterranean, Greek, Mexican, Pan Asian, Southern and African dining choices in the greater metro Detroit area.

          1. Cleveland has the phenomenal, amazing, West Side Market, but apart from that I'm with the Ann Arbor/Detroit/Dearborn/Windsor crowd. Ann Arbor has a serious year around farmer's market, lots of people trying to do local and sustainable foods, and lots of discerning foodies. And Zingerman's of course. Dearborn in the nucleus of probably the country's best array of middle-eastern restaurants. And I was just in Windsor a week ago, eating decent Italian, but marveling at the incredible ethnic diversity (a Scottish and a Chaldean festival were both going on that night, and we passed a Vietnamese Buddhist temple as well) and thinking it needed more chow exploration.

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              all you know about metro clev is the wsm? that is a shame, as i said above there is so much more to offer in the region than that. btw the leaders of croatia and slovenia are in clev and today will watch the world cup final. i would like to be a fly on the plate for their meals!