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Jul 4, 2006 09:52 PM

anything good in bensalem/trevose

please help.

i travel to trevose bensalem often and have not found anywhere to eat.

if anyone has suggestions (i stay on street road) i would greatly appreciate it.

thanks everyone

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  1. I used to leave in that area. It's pretty bleak chow-wise. The best thing about it is that you can get to center city in about 15 minutes on I-95. That's what I would do.

    1. That is a tough question. I agree that the dining scene in that area is very bleak. I grew up in that area and never find anywhere good to eat when I visit my family. The whole area is over-run by chain restaurants.

      There is one place on Street Road that I (personally) love - Nifty Fifty's. It is definitely not upscale or even nice, it is a mini-chain and looks like a big noisy diner. Definitely not a chow hound type place. But they have good burgers and fries and really good milk shakes. It is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine and whenever I visit the area I always try to find and excuse to stop by.

      There used to be an AMAZING barbeque place in the area, towards Neshaminy Mall, called the Spotted Hog. It was so good, but it closed down a bit ago. I'm still mourning that loss, the food was so good. That was the only "real" restaurant in the area... now it is just a bunch of chain restaurants!

      Tha is really sad that the only really good restaurant in that area is closed down.......

      1. On second thought, I've read good things about Lucy's Barbeque on State Road.

        1. I've heard good things about the Indian place on Galloway near Humeville, though I've never been myself. Clubhouse Diner (next to Nifty Fifty's on Street Rd) is good, especially the desserts.

          1. Right in Soouthampton....

            It's called Blue Sage Grill.

            772 Second Street Pike. 215-942-8888 Right off of Street Rd. This is a vegetarian restaurant. I am not a vegetarian but love this place. Casual and sparsly decorated, the food will amaze you every time you go. It's delicious and creative. Beautiful presentations. Service always fantastic.