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Jul 4, 2006 09:22 PM

Review of Pacific Catch, San Francisco. Average food at average prices.

I went there Sunday, 07-02-2006, around 7 p.m. First time there. Waited for about 10 minutes for a table inside as it was quite cold and windy outside. Place was fairly full with mostly couples and 1-2 families.

My gf read about this place on citysearch while I looked at the reviews at Yelp. We quickly ordered 3 items to get a feel of the food. Service was good, no complaint. Waitress came by a few times and was easy to flag. I think there were 3 people working the tables that night.

Out of 5***, I rate:
1. Basket of sweet potato(e) fries (5***)
2. Fried oysters (3***)
3. Salmon rice bowl (2***)

Total food rating = 10/3 = 3.33. Price with tips/taxes around $30.00.

I thought the fries were awesome, hot, crunchy, sweet and right amount of salt. I ate more than 1/2 the basket myself. This could be a meal by itself for light eaters!

Fried oysters were fresh. But personally did not like the thick, flour batter. Personal taste, I prefer a lighter coating and/or instead maybe a bread crumb batter. I also wonder why they did not have fresh oysters? Hmmm..maybe the oysters they get comes de-shelled.

Salmon bowl. Nothing wrong with this dish, but fairly simplistic and basic. $11.95. They scooped 2-3 scoops of rice on a big bowl. Then grilled a piece of salmon with some salt, and lined the bowl with some stir fryed asparagus and baby bok choy (again with just some salt). Then they drizzled the rice with some soy, or teriyaki sauce. Something I could do me-self, lol.

Nice food and prices. But would not go again. At least the rice bowls tasted and looked like something I can get from panda express and/or make myself. But on a hot summer day, i'll order a basket of the fries and some beer, then a stroll down chesnut street and a walk down to the Marina.

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  1. I used to be a fan of their seared tuna salad bowls, it was great with a side of sushi rice, especially if you took it home, removed the 1/4 pound of pickled ginger they invariably give you, tossed the salad yourself and addded some of that Japanese red pepper mix to the rice before eating it all together. Very good. Unfortunately I received mediocre portions of tuna one too many times and haven't been back in a while.
    It used to be my choice when it was hot out and I didn't feel like cooking. The staff is very nice, although often overwhelmed and disorganized, as it gets pretty crowded in there. Always wanted them to open a second location on Polk. With more tuna.

    1. i have eaten at pacific catch many times and am consistently in love with it for a few reasons.

      1. It's hard to find high-quality healthy fast food that appeals as much to the eye as to the palate.

      Yes, their service can sometimes be a bit off, but not by much. Their portions are usually very generous, their poke great as well as the grilled ahi. They also are pretty much willing to put something on or serve it on the side or take it off, they bend to the customers needs.

      2. They have so many options and they are all delicious.

      Grilled corn with chile-lime butter, steamed artichokes, sweet potatoe fries that are delicious, brown rice instead of the delightfully sticky white, tacos, salads, rice bowls, and mochi for dessert.

      It isn't high end, it isn't pretentiious, just good clean, fresh, and healthy food.

      I am going again and again when i get caught in the marina!

      1. I have to agree with doodleboomer. It is rare to find healthy fast food. The food is great, the staff is great. The place is a bit small so you might have to wait a bit for a seat. But for the price it is the best seafood in the Marina.