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Jul 4, 2006 08:42 PM

Looking for Yemeni recipe for Saltah (sp?)

I had this dish in Yemen and I know it contains fenugreek and other spices but does anyone have a recipe?
Thanks - Steve

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  1. A search for Saltah and Yemen yielded a link to this site:

    Scroll down until you reach the following passage, and at the end is a hypertext link to a rough recipe/method for Saltah.

    Qat and Saltah
    Qat, a plant indigenous to Yemen, Ethiopia, and East Africa, has stimulant properties, inducing a euphoric effect in the user. Qat is not smoked or inhaled, it is chewed and is one of the prevalent customs in the country. Even the Yemenite home is built around qat, the choice room being designated as the qat-chewing room. This is a male-only adventure, and women are not permitted, though some women have their own qat-chewing sessions.

    One of the main dishes in Yemen is Saltah which means soup. Associated with qat chewing, saltah stimulates the taste buds, and qat chewers say they savor qat more intensely after eating saltah. The Yemen Times provides more information and a rough recipe...