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Jul 4, 2006 08:26 PM


We just moved to Mobile, Al from Seattle. We have been eating our way around Mobile/Gulfshores etc and love the southern food. Where is a good fresh fish and seafood market and where can you go to harvest your own oysters if you do not have a boat? Can you do this in Oyster Bay? In Puget Sound you can go to the different areas in Hood Canal and pickup your fresh oysters off the beach. What is the best Asian restaurant in Mobile? I must say that the people here have been very friendly and the great food is softening the blow of the culture shock. It's an adventure.

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  1. Hi - I'm sorry this is just now getting a response. I'm not very familiar with the fish markets in Mobile, but in Pensacola there is Joe Patti's ( which is my very favorite.

    Pensacola's a little bit of a drive, but there's so much else that you can do there that you may want to give Joe Patti's and some of the restaurants (McGuire's, for one, is a real experience) - and the beach, of course, a try.

    1. Thank you. Appreciate it and we'll give it a try. We went into a couple in Mobile and did not like them at all. One of them did not seem very clean and the other one had such a strong odor it was horrible.

      1. You cannot harvest your own oysters in Alabama, as such harvest is regulated by the state.

        My favorite fish market was the Southern Fish and Oyster Co. at the foot of Eslava Street next to the cruise terminal. It would have reminded you of Pike Place Market, only without the tourists. Sadly, their retail operation never reoponed after Katrina.

        I hear good things about Mudbugs on Dauphin Island Parkway, but have only ever bought crawfish from them. We get all our seafood from a guy who drives his truck to my wife's office about once a month.

        The best Asian restaurant in Mobile is Busaba's, a Thai place on Dauphin Street downtown. But they are currently closed for renovations. (or something, there's scaffolding all over the place.)