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  1. I don't know if this is large enough, but check this out...


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      Many of the restaurants that sell belgian fries have what appears to be a parchment paper style cone - these cones come in three or four sizes & I am hoping to locate them.

    2. I have used snow cone cups with good luck. You can buy them at any party store or big box retailer.

      1. Make your own!

        All you have to do is cut a square of parchment or wax paper, bring two of the opposite ends together, fold one inside and tape the other outside. When you do that, you will form a cone that has a triangular piece jutting out from the top. Fold this into the cone and tape it down for added strength and voila you have a paper cone.

        Use the same tecnique to make a pastry bag, cutting the bottom of the cone to your needs.

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          Oh thanks! I was wondering how to do that!

        2. Thanks, I might have to resort to origami if all else fails! I am trying to accomodate a large quantity of fries in these cones & the ready-made ones have a reinforced seam. I KNOW that someone out there has the info - if only they'll share it!!!!

            1. I am so bummed that nobody has come up with a source for these paper cones. They are not snowcone cones. Anyone who has experienced Belgian Frittes will know what I'm talking about. It HAS to be the cones from Belgium!!!

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                Were you ever able to find the parchment cones you were looking for? I too am trying to locate 'em. Did you have to make contact overseas? Can you inform me where you found 'em plz?

                Thanks a bunch!!

              2. If this is what you are looking for, it seems like you should just make your own. Do you have a problem with that because you need to make a lot of them?


                Did you try the international board for a source? I've tried doing a bunch of different google searches, but nothing is coming up other than what all of us have posted.

                Good luck.

                1. I think that the cones that you're looking for are available here:


                  1. Check out this photo:

                    THIS is what I need from a source here in the USA!

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                      If I would have seen this post first I would not have responded with mine, however, the people at breadbaskets.com are very nice. I would send them a email with your cone photo and ask them if it is available here. I'll bet you it is not but they would know better then I, good luck. By the way, I have things send to me from Europe all the time, why not order them there.

                    2. go to http://www.breadbaskets.com/ Please note: there is a minimum order and I am not sure for how much. The paper cones come is several sizes. The ones I bought are 7 by 7 inches when they are folded down. Opened as a cone they look a bit larger and they hold a fairly large order of frites. I left this post on the international board as well. Good luck and let me know if this was of help to you.

                        1. LAURENROBERT,

                          Were you ever able to find the parchment cones you were looking for? I too am trying to locate 'em. Did you have to make contact overseas? Can you inform me where you found 'em plz?

                          Thanks a bunch!!

                          1. Hopefully, this will do it for you...

                            This is a poor substitute but it might do in a pinch:


                            More of a tray but, what the hey:


                            And now, tad ah, the right bag for you:


                            P.S. Sorry it's not a cone but sometimes those cones are made not bought.

                            1. I actually have a non-profit organization of individuals with disabilities producing the cones for us. They are a little pricey, but it is a worthwhile cause.

                              1. I just saw this query b/c of a google search for paper cones, and came across this. I know it is late, but better late than never: try this place...


                                1. I dont know if you still need the info,but I hope this will help somebody.
                                  these are actually german "SPITZTUETEN",they use them in the Imbiss stands
                                  so if you want more info,just google it,spitztueten

                                  1. Ebay has them just search belgian frites or belgian cones

                                    They are actually from the store in NY

                                    1. did you find those cones? I am looking for them too