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Jul 4, 2006 07:22 PM

Mt. Pleasant/Charleston wedding weekend

We will be staying in the Mt. Pleasant area, actually Patriot Point, and are wanting suggestions for great restaurants. Want a good atmosphere as well as terrific eats! Thanks for any help!!!

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  1. There is a thread about Charleston restaurants just a few days ago. Lots of good info there. It's title is "Good Charleston Dinner for a Mom who doesn't like seafood, but we do."

    1. If you are staying in Mt. P, then I would suggest the Red Drum for dinner. Take a right on Coleman Blvd. It is about a mile or two on the right. They have good food and a great bar. The outdoor seating is nice. For lunch, take a right on Coleman Blvd. and go about 4 miles to Sullivan's Island. Take a right and eat at Poe's. It is fantastic! Great burgers and fish tacos. Also a great bar if you are looking for a place to hang out.

      Downtown Charleston is only minutes away too. They have too many great restaurants to name. Coast (Seafood) is a great restaurant and turns into a hopping nightspot afterwards. Rue de Jean, McCrady's, Cypress, Chai's (tapas), Carolina's, Magnolia's, etc.. are some other good choices.

      1. You should try the Old Village Post House, it's at the corner of Pitt and Venning in Mt. Pleasant, just a few minutes from Patriot's Point.