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Jul 4, 2006 07:21 PM

best sushi in SF

I will be in SF for a month this summer. I'm looking for great sushi, especially sashimi.

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    1. I really enjoy the rolls at Taraval Okazu Ya. You'll get a great selection of sushi and decent prices.
      For more traditional Japanese, Takara in Japantown is excellent. Prices are moderate.

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      1. re: anna

        I would not order sashimi, as the OP requested, at taraval okazuya. It's good value, but not the best quality fish.

      2. Taraval Okazu Ya is good but not necessarily GREAT sushi. Try Sushi Ran if $$$ is not an issue, in Marin County.

        Otherwise Okazu Ya is descent. In the same price range, you can try Shimo's on Clement, between 24 and 25 Avenue.


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        1. re: badbatzmaru

          I second Sushi Ran in Sausalito. Pricey, but fantastic. Great for sashimi

        2. Has anyone tried Hama KO Sushi or Grandeho's Kamekyo in cole valley?

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          1. re: rj000

            Hama-Ko is fantastic. Traditional, fresh fish, impeccably prepared. It's not speedy service, but it's wonderful sushi. Grandeho's Kamekyo is nowhere near as good.

          2. Sebo on Hayes was very, very nice, very traditional.
            Expensive sake.