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Jul 4, 2006 06:53 PM

Dinner in Etobicoke < $100

We came across some 'found money' recently, and while we're being mostly responsible with it, we figured we'd celebrate with a reasonably priced weekday dinner outing that we normally wouldn't take.

We don't want to travel far from home, so what's a nice place to go in the general vicinity of Bloor/Dundas//Kipling/Islington/Royal York that we can do dinner for two for around $100 or less?

We're light (or non-) drinkers, and we like pretty much any cuisine. We have a car, so we can travel a bit within Etobicoke, but would prefer not to go downtown.

Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

PS - We have been to Casa Barcelona and Merlot, and liked them both, but maybe something new...

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  1. Oh, forgot to mention -- a good beer selection would be a big plus (although not mandatory). And by 'good' I mean quality craft beer (Ontario or otherwise), not Bud/Molson/Labatt macros or eurolagers.


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      Check out Cru Restaurant

      Located on the north west corner of Royal York & Bloor - right across the street from the Royal York TTC Station (main entrance).

      If I recall they have a $50.00 tasting menu (not including wine). The food is tremendous - very good value for your money. Great presentaation and flavours. The ambiance is more on the high end.....staff are very good, however on the slow nites (just as with most places) the staff don't frequent your table as often, unfortunately - but their atttide is ALWAYS pleasant, accomodating and welcoming.

      Another place to consider is Toro
      Right at Jane & Bloor on the south west corner. Very good food and enticing decor. Again upscale ambiance.....the staff are pleasant, but I would hope they have impoved thier attentivenessto customers.....never rude but you get the vibe of feeling a bit neglected. Nonetheless a nice place to give a shot.

      And there is Bloom
      Fantastic place!!!! Awesome food, funky decor and sountrack - the staff are terrific - attentive, informative, and enjoy engaging with customers. High end with a clubby lounge edge. A tremendous eve out.

      Enjoy spending that 'found money'!