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Jul 4, 2006 06:47 PM

Custom search RSS feeds

I live in Cleveland, which means I troll the Midwest board. However, I am only interested in posts about Cleveland, and none about Minneapolis, Kansas City, and the like. Is there a way to get a custom RSS feed for a search of posts containing "Cleveland" so I can track it with a newsreader? It would save a lot of time--and would be really helpful for the hordes of users like me who are interested in only one city/topic. Thanks!


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  1. There are dozens of popular feed readers, each with different featuresets. Many of them can be customized to search for keywords within a feed and filter those results. Please check the support pages for your favorite feedreader and see if they have this capability built in. If not, third party plugins may be available.

    For example Mozilla has a huge developer base for their RSS-capable software (Firefox, Thunderbird & Safari, among others). Here is their list of supported newsreader extensions:

    Of those, you might want to try these, and see if they suit your needs:




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      It would be a lot easier if, like Craigslist or other sites, you built the functionality directly into the site, so that each search would automatically generate an RSS feed. It's not that hard to do.