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Jul 4, 2006 06:33 PM

Where am I? Search for me please.

When this new site first went up I figured out to find all my old posts from all boards using the Advanced Search function. Enthralled. Proud.

I tried to show someone how to do this today. Zilch. No clue as to why this doesn't work any longer. I can find me if I search by the restaurant I discussed, but I cannot find me when I try to simply find me.
Disappointment. Confusion.

I then tried searching for all the posts from my favorite posters on the France board (MAURICE AND MOSHOLU ARE YOU THERE????), but that also no longer works.



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  1. Search by user name stopped working a few days ago for all posters unless there is an additional search arguement. Leaving the box blank produces no results.

    I tried to get around this by entering a common word that would be in every post like 'the' or 'a'. It still doesn't work. The message is still "Sorry, no results were found."

    1. For some reason, you now need to put something in the content field. If you search on your name as author and put a "*" in the content box (next to the "search" button) you'll get 166 hits.

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          1. re: Darren72

            Actually it's more useful if you sort the results by Date before you make the tinyURL.