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Jul 4, 2006 06:33 PM

Baltimore 3 nights

Am staying at the mariott 3 nights in baltimore, so it is pretty close to little italy area. I'd appreciate a few places I should hit. I will have a car. I'm not looking for fancy high end dining but more good chowhoundish places.

One thing I am absolutely looking for is a take out place for crabs.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. For carry-out crabs I have to recommend L.P. Steamers in Locust Point. You can eat them there and they have a rooftop deck with a wonderful view of the Inner Harbor. The crabs are always good and not overpriced. Tell Mr. Bud (the owner) that Kim and Diana sent you.

    1. One of my favorite neighborhood places is Simons of Butchers Hill, the next neighborhood up from Fells Point. It is tucked away on a one way street, but worth the trouble of finding it. If you are a solo diner, there is a great view from the bar and you can order the full menu.

      There is a fantastic Indian restauarant in Little Italy, I think it is called India Rasoi. Everything there is good, and they have delivery/to go.

      And if you like Italian pastries, Vaccaro's is the place to go! I recommend the pignoli cookies, the cannoli (which isn't the best I've had but is very good), and the peanutto gelato.

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        Simon's closed a few weeks ago (the proprietors moved to California).

      2. How big a drinker are you? Always worth a crawl through Fells Point with eating and drinking in mind. I'd nosh at John Stevens, Wharf Rat, etc.

        1. For take-out crabs, Chris's Seafood on Montford in Canton is the best!

          1. For the best cannoli you've got to go to La Scala restaurant. Ms. Pina (the owners mother) makes them. They're made with cream instead of mascarpone. Try the hazelnut...scrumptious.