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Jul 4, 2006 06:17 PM

18th birthday celebration in Minneapolis

We are celebrating my daughter's 18th this coming friday. She is inviting several friends for a nice celebration dinner. We are trying to find a restaurant that everyone can find something they like. My daughter is vegetarian but eats fish and seafood. There is one pure vegetarian and several picky eaters. Could you recommend a good seafood restaurant(no chains) that would also have pastas and such. thank you.

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  1. How about a restaurant that specializes in terrific vegetarian food and also does fish & a few meat dishes? How about two?

    I'm thinking of Cafe Brenda and its new sister restaurant Spoon River. Both are owned by Brenda Langton. Both should meet your needs.

    Spoon River opened recently and has been well received. It's a small place so it might be wise to call for reservations asap.

    1. I'd second Cafe Brenda. Another option is the Birchwood Cafe in south Minneapolis. They have great food and are vegetarian/vegan friendly.

      1. I love Brenda, I do. But neither of those places says 18th birthday to me. I recommend Joe's Garage for the good food and the slight hipster factor. What picky eater wouldn't want to order mashed potatoes with a wide choice of toppings for dinner? Or for the total picky eater they have mac and cheese.

        Or maybe Loring Pasta Bar. Anybody in the group going to the U of M next year? Be waited on by your future fellow students!

        For my 18th I was taken to Chez Colette. 25+ years ago. I was a vegetarian by then and had the ratatouille which I'll bet is still the only vegetarian option. Still I did get a glass of wine out of the deal and felt very grown up.

        1. 18 is supposed to be fun!! Loring is a good idea and I would suggest Chino Latino. Loud vibe, both vegetarian and fish options, plus I am pretty sure they will make the young ladies some fancy "mocktails" too.

          1. I thought about recomending Chino Latino - picky eaters beware!