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Jul 4, 2006 05:36 PM

Best FOIE GRAS dish (West Hollywood preferred)??

Okay, so I'm crazy about foie gras. Who does the best dish using it? AOC? Pastis? Mimosa?


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  1. Not necessarily WeHo, but I really like what LA CACHETTE ( does with foie gras and there are usually more choices listed than you can digest in one meal. I once had a special of foie gras with an impeccable pomogranate chutney that was divine.

    A bit further east, I think WATER GRILL ( has an amazing foie gras appetizer - seafood restaurant or otherwise.

    1. I really liked it at la cachette as well and I am now reminded i should go back to try some of their other foie gras options.

      In weho, there is of course l'orangerie where i've never been disappointed by any of their foie gras creations, most of the time what they've had is quite traditional and done right with the points and various fruit and other spreads. I'm not sure if they still have it but they did have a foie gras creme brulee at one point. interesting.

      In my opinion, my best foie gras experiences in weho have been across the street from l'orangerie at bastide, (which is now being revamped to open?) Foie gras more ways than i can remember, none bad.

      1. AOC has an excellent terrine, if you prefer en terrine.

        1. Not on the menu but sometimes on the blackboard, Matsuhisa has Foie Gras Sushi that is served hot on rice with a warm sauce. It's a candidate for the best thing I've ever had at any sushi bar ever. Even if it's not on the blackboard, ask for it anyway as they may have a small supply.

          1. I'm not sure if this is part of their regular menu. We had the foie gras ravioli when we were at Providence. It was heavenly.