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Jul 4, 2006 05:35 PM

Dumb question: How long can you store bottled beer?

Let me preface by saying I'm a beer idiot. Don't like it, don't drink it. That said, I bought some cases for a party a while back and have since stored the leftovers, still in cases in the back of the pantry.

How long will it go? Want to get rid of some today for July 4 cookouts, but I don't want to gross out my fellow BBQers. Most of the beer is low end: Rolling Rock, Bass, Sierra Nevada, Brooklyn Lager, etc. In 12 oz bottles.

Edit: Just opened one of the Brooklyn Lagers and it seemed ok. Still a bit carbonated. But I'm no judge. Is there something that will tell me if it's irredeemable?

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  1. It all depends upon the beer; what style, how is it bottled, etc. To make any beer last, it should be cellared like wine-colder and in the dark. For most of the beers you mentioned, a year is the limit-kept cold. Some beers age well, such a Sam Adams Utopias, any bottle-conditioned(containing live yeast in the bottle, as opposed to force carbonated keg-conditioned or batch contdioned)belgian beer,and barleywines.

    Generally, the stronger a beer is, or the higher percentage of alcohol, the better it will age.

    1. Sierra Nevada and Brooklyn Lager aren't exactly what I'd call low-end. In any case as long as they've been kept in the dark, and your pantry isn't hot, then they should be OK.