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Jul 4, 2006 05:30 PM

Dinner at Angele - Napa (Long)

My husband, mother, and I had a wonderful dinner on Sunday at Angele in downtown Napa overlooking the Napa River. This was our first time there, though I'd noticed how pretty the restaurant is when we dined at Celadon a long time ago. It was a little too windy to sit on the patio so we opted for a table inside that had a charming open Provencal-style window that looked out at the river, the train cars, and the geese lazing about by the river bank. I really felt like I was somewhere in France.

Service was attentive and pleasant without being intrusive. The menu has many choices. We are all big fans of Bistro Jeanty and Bouchon, but Angele has a lighter touch and probably is a little less French and more California than those two. But the quality is just as good if not better, in my opinion. The menu on the Web site is not exactly what we had -- this was the new summer menu, which they just began serving the other day.

Starters are generous: my husband had the quail salad; I had the peach salad with arugula and Serrano ham (fantastic); and my mother had a tart Lyonnaise (I think!). Entrees were pork medallions; spring chicken; and salmon with ravioli. All were outstanding. We had a bottle of Rose (French) -- sorry I don't remember the details on the wine but it was perfect for a summer evening. They also offer house wines by the carafe, which I wish more restaurants would do.

My mother and I shared a delicious warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert and my husband had his favorite profiteroles. Again, everything was excellent. With 3 cappuccinos, the bill came to $188 before tax and tip. There is a nice bar inside where you could share some starters along with a glass of wine or two and probably not have to break the bank too much. And the restaurant is open continuously from 11:30 so it would be convenient for a late lunch or early dinner.

I highly recommend Angele and I will be certain to return.

540 Main Street
Napa (downtown area)

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  1. I forgot to mention that we also ordered a side of pomme frites for the table, which were served piping hot and were some of the best any of us had ever tasted.

    1. Great report, Wendy-san! I was invited to lunch there on Sunday but opted to get out of town instead. It is a pretty spot.

      1. We went again to Angele recently and was not as entranced as our first lunch there - but it's still a nice spot - and possibly a romantic choice in Napa.

        1. They have a very inventive list of special house cocktails that are delicious. Especially the strawberry-thyme one and the pomegranite-star anise one. And their house wines are usually quite good.

          1. We took a group of 7 to Angele for dinner on Saturday and everyone loved it. Out of 12 dishes ordered, 10 were outstanding and 2 were good. The highlights were the foie gras, lobster gniochhi, steak frites, bacon wrapped pork and the roast chicken. The cocktails from the bar were also terrific, all fresh sqeezed mixers. I hate syrupy drinks!