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Jul 4, 2006 04:48 PM

Tapas in T.O.


I'm looking for tapas eatery recommendations in Toronto. I'll try almost anything, but am looking to avoid the "overly pricy and not too filling/bad quality" places. If it's possible, please include price ranges.


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      1. Torito is an amazing experience! I haven't tried any of the others that were mentioned, but Torito is amazing.

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          Go to Senhor Antonio-the tapas bar of Chiado. Tons of seafood based option and not outragious. Great wine to match!! Do a search on this board and you will see lots of great reviews.

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            Always wanted to go to Chiado and now I have even more of a reason. Thanks!

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              The boyfriend and I went to Senhor Antonio's last night. I'll give a brief (edit: didn't turn out so brief!) review.

              My boyfriend arrived before I did, and tried to secure our table which had been reserved under my name. He was told we had no reservation. Despite me spelling out my name to the hostess the other night, the name our table was under was nowhere close to my actual name.

              Luckily, while Chiado was packed, Senhor Antonio's was not and we were seated.

              Our waiter was great. I have read some disappointing reviews regarding their service, but our waiter was nothing but professional and nice. He was even pleasant and complimentary on my pronunciation of the dishes when I insisted on ordering by their Portuguese names ;)

              My boyfriend and I had two glasses of wine each. They pour quite generously there; always a plus in my book!

              We were given Chiado's menu and I had to specifically ask for the tapas menu. The waiter quickly brought over the bar menu and we ordered: salad of salt cod, grilled sardines, grilled chourizo, stir fried veggies, shrimp bisque and my boyfriend got their soup special - a delicious sweet pea soup.

              The salt cod salad was very nice, and it came with four paper-thin crisps to place some salad on top of and eat off of. I would have liked for it to have had more salt cod and less sweet peppers.

              The grilled sardines were my favorite thing of all. Two crisps topped with two perfectly grilled sardine fillets, and a light fresh salsa drizzled on top. I could have ate a dozen of these!

              The chourizo was good, and I like that two kinds were served - traditional and the blood sausage. I am normally not a fan of the blood sausage, but when grilled to the point where the skin blisters I learned it can be quite tasty. I wouldn't order this dish again just because $7 for half a sausage is a little extreme when I get the stuff homemade for nothing ;)

              The veggies were okay. They come in a sauce of garlic, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. They were a bit soft for my liking, but I only got a couple because my boyfriend ate them all up. I guess he would have a higher opinion of them than I.

              The shrimp bisque was divine. It tasted like fresh shrimp and I was very pleasantly surprised; I suppose I am used to spices overpowering the actual 'fishy' taste of bisques like lobster and shrimp. I wanted another bowl.

              I got a spoonful of my boyfriend's pea soup and almost wished I had ordered it, but the shrimp bisque edged it out marginally.

              For desert we shared the peras cozidas, or 'cooked pear'. So so so good! It came in a sauce of Madeira and saffron.

              Overall, I was very pleased with our evening at Senhor Antonio. I'd recommend it to anyone and if you go, do tell me what you see in the painting to the right of the bar near the window; the waiter sharing my opinion of its subject matter wasn't enough to convince my boyfriend ;)

        2. Well, I havent been to Spain, so I have nothing to compare it to, but on St Clair West (681) there is a nice little place called Mezzetta. My husband and I thought it was great.. And the prices are reasonable.

          1. Julie's on Dovercourt just south of Dundas does an amazing Cuban tapas (most dishes under $12 each).