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Pizza Delivey in SoLo

I've been a resident of the South Loop for over two years, but haven't been able to find a reliable pizza delivery. Of course, Connies delivers here, but it's quite expensive. Also, Ricobenes (ehh....) and Bacci (okay pie, horrible delivery service) deliver to the area, but they do not cut it.

Any recommendations?

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  1. I like Pat's (638 S. Clark) but only if you ask for light cheese, extra sauce and well done, which is the way I like my pizza anyways. Also Pizano's (61 E Madison) has a good pie, some people don't like the butter crust but I do. It's really thin and crispy. I believe Pizano's is owned by the Lou Malanti family or has some relation.

    and please refrain from calling the South Loop SoLo...We are not , nor do we want to be, New York;)

    1. we enjoy both these places when ordering in dinner at work. we got so burned out on giordiano's, had to add some other places.

      pat's is good thin crust, and pizano's has more of a butter/corn crust.


      1. I don't know if Damenzo's delivers, but you might ask. This "Do the Right Thing" joint is at Taylor almost to Western and serves a huge slice. A thick, bready crust, but real flavor to the pie. The estimable Rene G, one of the all-time great (andnow erstwhile) 'hounds, once rated Damenzo's meatball sandwich as among the top twenty sandwiches in Chicago.

        Good luck.

        1. Aurelio's Pizza
          (312) 994-2000
          506 W Harrison St
          Chicago, IL 60607

          They deliver to the South Loop and up to 800 north! If you're a thin crust pizza fan this place is the one!

          I grew up with this great thin pizza. Give it a try. I'm not sure how this location in the Holiday Inn is compared to the original southside locations.

          1. I'd go along with Aurelio's as a pretty good (but not as good as the original Homewood location) thin crust and Pizano's for Chicago-style deep dish. I'm fairly certain Gino's East will also deliver if not directly, then via CEODeliveries (a phone/on-line multi-restaurant delivery service). The downside to CEODeliveries is the add-on appx $4.50 charge.
            The beauty of living near south (or South Loop or SoLo...I think if you live there you can call it whatever you like) is the ability to jump in your car and go pick-up an Uno/Due (or whatever your preference) in mere minutes. That's assuming a partner to stay with the car for two minutes while you run in.

            1. I was wondering what SoLo was ... I saw some condo building advertising itself as "located in the wonderful SoNo" neighborhood. Whatever.

              Does Dagostinos deliver that far south? One of their two locations is located on Chicago and Ogden - great, great pizza.

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                Do you mean the D'Agostino's on Addison Street at Southport? Decent thin crust pizza. The rest of the menu is totally disgusting...what happen here?

              2. First off, I regret calling it SoLo. I had just finished browsing through the junk mail in our building looking for a pizza delivery menu and saw it on a number of condo buildings. I was unsure about it at first, and after a few days of meditation, think it's annoying. So, I apologize to one and all that had to read the horrible abbreviation of the South Loop.

                Now, thank you all for your input. I don't think D'Agostino's delivers that far south. I'm ordering Aurelio's online right now.


                1. Update:

                  Went online to get Aurelio's number and discovered you can order online. Big plus in my book - so I ordered a medium sausage on "Award Winning Crust" and headed into traffic to accept delivery.

                  90 minutes and one phone call to Aurelio's later, my pizza arrived....cold. Well, not cold, but room temperature. I was shocked upon my first taste....this pizza is terrible! I'm doing the "sick face" as I type this - I'm still disgusted. The sauce is almost flavorless and the cheese has way too much cheddar in it. There were 11 pieces of sausage on my pizza - 11! The crust was just okay, so I guess the award it won was "Least Excitable", or something.

                  I had three pieces and threw the rest where garbage belongs - in the dumpster.

                  I've never been more disappointed in a pizza before. I called to report the above to Aurelio's and the manager couldn't care less. Horrible.

                  Up next: Pat's.

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                    Sorry, I would've warned you if I saw this post. Aurelio's is rubbish. The sauce is sickly sweet. To me, bad sauce is deal breaker. Anyway, you should post up your thoughts on Tomato Head - I live in Printers Row and I am looking for something besides Giordano's for pizza. I am cuirous to hear your thoughts on it.

                    1. re: RottenTanx

                      I *loved* Tomato Head! The crust had very nice chew to it - delicious. We had a grilled veggie pie and it was delivered quickly (within 45 minutes on a Friday) and was piping hot!

                      Your next pie should definitely be from Tomato Head. In fact, I think I'll grab one tonight.

                      Order online:

                  2. Please don't call it SoLo, we are not in New York nor do want to pretend we are. But the Pizano's location in the loop is the way to go.

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                    1. re: augustus gloob

                      to give credit Walrus did apologize for his SoLo comment/mistake:)

                      Now on to better pizza!

                    2. We had the same problem when we moved to the South Loop last year. We almost always order from Tomato Head Pizza in the West Loop (they also have a location in Lincoln Park). I think they do a pretty good thin crust and I can always get delivery - even on weekends - within an hour. Try the grilled veggie pizza. They use really fresh vegetables, rather than the canned stuff that other places use.

                      You can even order directly off the Web site, which is what we usually do - http://tomatoheadpizza.com

                      Still looking for a good New York style pizza down here. Let me know if you find one.

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                      1. re: Captain Easychord

                        Yeah...thanks for the suggestion. I always pass by tomato head but have never ordered from them. I'll give em a try next time.

                        God I LOVE pizza!!!!!!!

                      2. Thanks, Cap!

                        I'm totally down with a grilled veggie pizza. I'll be out of town for a couple days, so a good pizza when I return will hit the spot.

                        1. I think Pat's (on S. Clark St.) thin crust is one of the top 10 in Chicago. They are so close, we usually just order for pickup, but they do deliver. BTW, when you are calling mention the $3 off coupon when ordering a large pizza, then tear the coupon off one of the takeout menus sitting on the counter when you go to pick it up. We do it all the time, nobody has a problem with it.

                          1. Had a Pat's medium sausage last night and was very impressed! Absolutely fell in love with it. The crust had character and great texture, a bit chewy with great flavor. The sauce is good and the sausage tasted great. Overall, a great pie.

                            I'm going to try Tomatohead this weekend, then probably not eat pizza for another six months! Ha!

                            Thanks for all the help!