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Jul 4, 2006 03:14 PM

Pizza Delivey in SoLo

I've been a resident of the South Loop for over two years, but haven't been able to find a reliable pizza delivery. Of course, Connies delivers here, but it's quite expensive. Also, Ricobenes (ehh....) and Bacci (okay pie, horrible delivery service) deliver to the area, but they do not cut it.

Any recommendations?

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  1. I like Pat's (638 S. Clark) but only if you ask for light cheese, extra sauce and well done, which is the way I like my pizza anyways. Also Pizano's (61 E Madison) has a good pie, some people don't like the butter crust but I do. It's really thin and crispy. I believe Pizano's is owned by the Lou Malanti family or has some relation.

    and please refrain from calling the South Loop SoLo...We are not , nor do we want to be, New York;)

    1. we enjoy both these places when ordering in dinner at work. we got so burned out on giordiano's, had to add some other places.

      pat's is good thin crust, and pizano's has more of a butter/corn crust.


      1. I don't know if Damenzo's delivers, but you might ask. This "Do the Right Thing" joint is at Taylor almost to Western and serves a huge slice. A thick, bready crust, but real flavor to the pie. The estimable Rene G, one of the all-time great (andnow erstwhile) 'hounds, once rated Damenzo's meatball sandwich as among the top twenty sandwiches in Chicago.

        Good luck.

        1. Aurelio's Pizza
          (312) 994-2000
          506 W Harrison St
          Chicago, IL 60607

          They deliver to the South Loop and up to 800 north! If you're a thin crust pizza fan this place is the one!

          I grew up with this great thin pizza. Give it a try. I'm not sure how this location in the Holiday Inn is compared to the original southside locations.

          1. I'd go along with Aurelio's as a pretty good (but not as good as the original Homewood location) thin crust and Pizano's for Chicago-style deep dish. I'm fairly certain Gino's East will also deliver if not directly, then via CEODeliveries (a phone/on-line multi-restaurant delivery service). The downside to CEODeliveries is the add-on appx $4.50 charge.
            The beauty of living near south (or South Loop or SoLo...I think if you live there you can call it whatever you like) is the ability to jump in your car and go pick-up an Uno/Due (or whatever your preference) in mere minutes. That's assuming a partner to stay with the car for two minutes while you run in.