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Jul 4, 2006 02:47 PM

Coast Cafe in Cambridge

Has anybody been? Saw on Phantom Gourmet that they have the best fried chicken. I'm always on the lookout for good fried chicken and would love it if I can hear other people's opinions. Thanks!

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  1. Great fried chicken and sides..mostly takeout...a few seats at a small counter.

    1. Excellent fried chicken. But I don't like the sides. Collards are too mushy for my taste and the mac and cheese is flavorless.

      1. Belonging to the school that believes that there is, unfortunately, very little fried chicken in the northeast worth the calories, I wandered over to try Coast's one evening after reading a number of promising posts by hounds. Unfortunately, the otherwise very nice people who cooked my order fried the chicken much too long and it came out over-cooked and burnt. Should have asked them to fry it over but the people were so nice I didn't want to make them feel bad.

        I'm planning to give Coast another try when I'm next Jonesing for some fried chicken but I'll try to find some polite way of asking them to not fry it too long.

        Better yet, Galley Girl, if you're ever up for a fried chicken crawl in Savannah, let me know.

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            They have fried fish, but I don't think it's catfish. I haven't been there yet, but their menu is online:


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              Hmm, doesn't have to be catfish, and I noticed the grilled fish plate!...will have to go there after my next River St. demo.....

              Hey, Elzoe, girlygirl ISN'T galleygirl!! ;)

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                If you do go, could you report back about whether the fish is catfish or not (and the tastiness, of course)? I wanted to go there with a kosher friend.

        1. Try the new search capabilities here at Chowhound ... you'll find many, many posts on Coast Cafe.


          1. Coast Cafe's fried chicken is among the lightest I've ever eaten. Not greasy or heavy like most. Lots of seasoning too. Definitely worth another try.