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Jul 4, 2006 02:29 PM

Barcelona-commerc 24, gaig, cinc sentis, abac reservations

Hi there, I was looking for some advice. My partner and I are off to Barcelona next Friday for 4 days and hope to eat in the above restaurants after much debate and perusal of reviews on chowhound, egullet etc. I have tried to email them to make reservations and so far have not heard back. I phoned Commerc 24 and I think have managed to book a table for the Friday night! Has anyone else had difficulty booking a table? Also most places are closed on Sunday and most of Monday. I have read conflicting information that Gaig is open at midday on Sundays, is this true? I have emailed them but my Spanish/Catalan is poor and thus not able to fully understand their reply. I will of course ask my Spanish speaking friends to translate but in the meantime wondered if anyone here knew.. Failing that any suggestions for a Sunday? In fact any comments regarding our choices and any alternative suggestions? Thanks for you help!

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  1. Emailing is always dicey in Spain, particularly now--when everything slows down and people are going on vacation.

    I gave Gaig a call and they said they are closed all day on Sundays.

    Here's a list of restaurants that (theoretically) are open on Sundays (you can scroll down in the right column):

    I've heard good things about Colibri. I think they are only open for lunch on Sunday:

    Carrer de Casanova, 212

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      that link for the restaurants open on sunday is a good one but does not work anymore. Can you give it again please

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          thank you . Do you have any suggestions within that list? It is extensive and my spanish is pathetic

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            I don't have anymore suggestions than the ones that get tossed around on this board on a regular basis. There are a few place that I haven't tried but about which I have heard or read good things. I wouldn't go out on a limb and suggest them though. I'm sure others here with greater knowledge of the Barcelona dining scene will chime in if you have specific questions.

    2. I find emails are very unreliable for Spain. For Cinc Sentits, I filled out the reservation form on their website and got a reply within couple of days. Since the owners are very efficient, they probably didn't get your request or there was a glitch. I would telephone them. For Abac, I telephoned and got an English speaking staff and had no problem making a reservation. The best times to telephone are probably late morning or between lunch and dinner service (Barcelona time). Since most restaurants are closed Sunday nights, I think your best bet is to enjoy some tapas/pintxos or eat at one of the seafood restaurants in Barcelona. They give a sense of being in Barcelona and a good alternative to the high-end designer restaurants.
      I wrote a few post under PB (the old site) on the Barcelona including some places open on Sundays. I have not been to Gaig, both Abac and Cenc Sentits were excellent. Two years ago, I ate alone at the counter at Commerc 24 and had a wonderful meal (except for a couple of items in their long tasting menu) and very good service. I recommended it to a couple of friends but their meal last October was just ok. I would still recommend it because I think the food very exciting and the restaurant has a lively buzz that neither Cinc Sentits or Abac has.

      1. I had no problems making reservations online with Comerc 24 & Cinc Sentits. I think phoning Cinc Sentits is a good idea. The woman who confirmed our reservation via email and served us while we were there is a native english speaker, so I don't think you'd have any problem if you gave them a call.

        Comerc 24 and Cinc Sentits were both excellent. The meal at Comerc 24 was bit more fun. But the food and service at both were fantastic.

        1. Thanks for all your help, particularly butterfly for phoning Gaig. I will telephone Abac and Cinc Sentis. We may have to try to fit in two on one day if we want to include Gaig. Do you think its do-able and if so which would you do on the same day?

          Thanks again.