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Urgently seek help: Chinese Hot Pot Dinner this weekend

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Hi everyone,

I need to find a good hot pot dinner place this weekend for a large group of people. We originally thought of Dow's Hot Pot in Richmond Hill, but heard that it's been going downhill this year. Does anyone know a place that serves fresh food?

It's for a large group of people, so I need to make a reservation quick. Please give me a hand. Thanks!!!

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  1. I haven't been to Dow's since about Jan, but it was still very good that time we went. I haven't heard anyone mention places that are better though.

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      Well, we used to like that place too. But I've got quite a number of friends who have been there a few months ago this year on separate occasions and complained about their poor services. Right now instead of 2 locations (across each other on Hwy 7), there's only 1 location remaining. I'm not sure if they have improved their service.

    2. I've heard similar comments from family and friends about Dow's not being as excellent as in past.

      That being said, Dow's is consistently rated (by my circle) the place to go for Hot Pot over all the other Scarborough or R.Hill spots.

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        Where is Dow's? Is it all-you-can-eat?

      2. There's a hotpot place on Leslie and E Wilmot. I can never remember the name, but it does get pretty packed in the winter. Price wise it's a dollar or two cheaper than Dow's. Lots of selection on the menu and the seafood platter accompanying has nice variety.

        It is the 2nd light on Leslie north of hwy 7. Across the street from World Bowl.

        1. We had an amazing dinner the other night at Big Mouth Kee on West Beaver Creek just north of Hwy 7 (just underneath Ambassador Restaurant). We didn't order any hotpots, but there are many on the menu, and the ones we saw being served looked delicious.

          Big Mouth Kee
          280 West Beaver Creek, Unit L13-15
          (905) 881-8821

          1. And if Big Mouth Kee isn't your cup of tea, I suggest you try Ambassador. I have eaten there dozens of times in the last ten years, and have never been disappointed. They do a credible Peking Duck, and their seafood is quite good. Service and ambience are a step above Big Mouth Kee (white table cloths, the wait staff serve your food individually instead of just dropping dishes on your table, etc.).

            1. i am still adamant about Flavor King in Markham - hands down best hot pot

              1. absolutely. THE BEST HOT POT PLACE IN TOWN!!!

                also: after 10pm the AYCE hot pot is only $11-$14 (depending on if u want seafood)

                also, they have great selection of AYCE ingredients and soups. the service is quick too. all the burners/stoves cook by convection so it's cool to the touch (no more sweating from the heat of the gas flame) and a smooth black surface on the table. everybody gets their own pot to cook soup in.
                also they have a sauce station that you can mix your own sauces with minced garlic, seseme seed oil, chili oil, hot peppers, corriander, green onions, bbq sauce, soy sauce, vineger, chive sauce, fish sauce, egg, etc.and a free drink station!
                everything is unlimited!! very clean place. one of my faves

                if you go during the day it's around $19 a person but you also get sushi i think on the weekends

                by pacific mall (4 stores down from the TD bank in the parking lot of p mall)

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                    A little mix-up, I think. n10sity is referring to Flavor King in Scarborough, while chalene girl is talking about Rolling Pot in Markham, right? Both places worth trying.

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                      sorry sorry,
                      yes i was talking about ROlling Pot. i was typing that while doing something else, and somehow didn't even put in the name of the restaurant. apologies!
                      ROlling pot is the best!

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                        Reviving an old thread here as some friends and I are planning on a hot pot dinner saturday night. Any suggestions for a good hot pot place in either the burbs or downtown? Any places with spicy broth as well? And how is Rolling Pot now? Appreciate any recs. Thanks!

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                          I recently try a new one at Chinatown. They provide a whole new style of hot pot dinner. The renovation is not over done but with style. Is not a all-you-can-eat type but the quality of the lamb is very good. I think they have spicy brooth as well. One negative is they are not easy to find because they are in the basement and their entrance is not that clear. I found this place because I am a regular of the Queen bakery which is located at the ground floor.