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Jul 4, 2006 02:05 PM

Where Can We Find Florida's Best Made Key Lime Shooter?

No: "my house", answers allowed.

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  1. Is there somewhere in Fla you are visiting? Just about every bar South of Orlando makes them.

    1. Out of the loop here...what's key lime shooter?

      1. Its a shot thats tastes like a Key Lime Pie. Here is a basic recipe.
        1/4 oz Rose Lime Juice
        1/2 oz Good White Rum
        1 oz Licor 43
        1 oz Sweet and Sour Mix
        1/2 oz Half and Half

        1. Thank you Suzie for your response--and the recipe, too. We'll be in the Fort Myers area for a few days, but doing some touring along the Gulf Coast, so I'd like to sample a Shooter or two as we amble.

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          1. re: Griller

            sounds disgusting but you probably can find any number of bars on Fort Myers Beach that will oblige. Try the Lani Kai, they specialize in tropical drinks and are a favorite of college kids. The Pier also has a busy bar and I'll ask some kids at work for their ideas.

            The bars on Sanibel tend to an older crowd and you are more likely to find a martini menu than a key lime shot. As I was writing, I did think of a place on Sanibel that might oblige: Doc Ford's Rum bar. That might just be the ticket. LMF

            1. re: LilMsFoodie

              I'm cut to the quick, LilMsFoodie. Had my first and only Key Lime Shooter at the Hog's Breath Saloon in Key West in May. Was a cocktail, not a shot. Very tasty, and memorable. I'm a fan of the martini, too; but am totally unwilling to pay $10-$15 for a premium or flavored gin-based drink.

          2. I agree, stick with the bars along Fort Myers Beach. They most likely will have Licor 43 (the main ingredient for the shot). This was a very popular shot a couple of years ago and just about any bar that catered to the college scene offered it. I am not sure about now but any bar that is "touristy" should know how to make it.