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Jul 4, 2006 01:56 PM

Spicy & Tasty in Flushing To Takeout

Hey All - I'm in the mood for some S&P stuff today. It being hot and muggy I have in mind taking out some of the Cold and Spicy apps. Anyone have any suggestions on those as well as other dishes that you've tried and would recommend? TIA And to all in "Chowland" Happy and a Blessed 4th

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  1. Last time I was there I ordered the "Spicy & Tasty." It was listed under the pork section, and while I think I was eating beef tripe and pork kidneys, I'm not positive because of the language barrier.

    Either way, it was quite spicy and incredibly tasty.

    1. Hey Charlie a happy 4th to you too! My favorite dishes are those called water-cooked in Chinese (but not on their English menu, they are called "in fresh hot pepper") They are not cold, and should be eaten there (and you must convince them you really want it spicy), but are perfect for a hot day. Here's what I wrote about that last October. (So hot I had an upset stomach for 3 days but it was worth it!!)

      And here's what I ate yesterday at Spicy & Tasty... it was one of the best Sichuan dishes I've ever had and so it's worth recording.
      As I did last time, I asked them to recommend a dish that is "ma la"... the phrase Sichuanese use for a symphonic blend of spices. They recommended shredded pork in fresh hot pepper. I hesitated, remembering what the Times reviewer had to say about that particular sauce (which he ordered with eels, but it's the same thing):
      "I have learned, over the years, how chilies impart not only spiciness but also dimension to food, enhancing flavors that expand and grow in the mouth. But I have my limits, and eels in fresh hot pepper crossed the line. I could taste the little marinated eels at first, but then the chilies took over, overpowering other flavors until only heat remained. Ouch." But I ordered it anyway.
      The waiter brought it after a while. He grimaced as if it was so spicy it was hurting him through the plate. It was a huge plate, like a soup bowl, with a mountain of tender pork slices. Less than it looked, since most of the mountain was crunchy steamed Chinese cabbage. Several different kinds of peppers had been put in a food processor, and the resulting paste was used to cover the pork. Around it, a fire-red sauce several inches deep. The pork was definitely as hot as the reviewer said. But it didn't destroy the flavor. The peppers nstead, as the reviewer said, "impart not only spiciness but also dimension to food, enhancing flavors that expand and grow in the mouth."
      So my meal was spicy and tasty.

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      1. re: Brian S

        Hey Brian - Thanks for the advice. Actually I already had left and so, read your post only after coming back from S&T. If you remember I can take REALLY spicy and seemingly as time is passing, can take even more. So the fresh hot pepper dish I'll be sure to try next time I go. I tried to get the cold beef tripe app, but they were out of it so got the cold beef stomach instead. It was very similar to tripe if slightly less of a tripe flavor. But the spicy oil/sauce was really good and it didnt make it to 10 pm. :) I also got the Chinese cold mixed vegetables app, which was loaded with that unmistakenable szechuan peppercorn flavor and soft yet chewy and crunchy texture. Topped with sesame seeds. Very good. For a hot dish (temperature not spice) I had read a previous thread here where someone raved about the Hot and Sour Squid. I couldn't find that on the menu but did see Squid & Pickled Turnip in Spicy Sauce and ordered that. The squid was outrageously good as were the small diced pickled turnip and the inclusion of tiny red vinegar peppers. And it was a fairly tart dish so maybe the previous poster had ordered this. Either way I'd certainly have it again. I see what you mean about convincing them of our love of spicyness cause I ordered without saying anything and it was fairly tame by my standards anyway. I'd go there more often but finding a parking spot ain't easy :) In any case thanks for the rec's. We're all lucky that we have each other and of course the site here in which we can "bird-dog" other "hounds" on good chow.

        1. re: Brian S

          i think the veggies under the pork were cooked iceberg lettuce, which is SO much tastier than its raw version. i've had the beef in fresh hot pepper---hoooo-ee! that was good, but paired with ma po tofu, we definitely needed something other than rice to balance it out! :)

          for cold apps, i also recommend the (smoked?) bean curd with celery (my FAVORITE!) and seaweed with fresh garlic.

        2. "I'd go there more often but finding a parking spot ain't easy"

          There's a large parking lot on College point Blvd on the Shea Stadium side between Roosevelt and Northern Blvd. It's about $4 or $5 an hour.

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          1. re: Bob Martinez

            There's the parking lot that serves the Flushing Mall as well as anyone else directly across the street from Spicy and Tasty on Prince St. At least it was there a few months ago, but with the rate of building in the area who know what a few months can bring.The rates were about $3.00 per hour.

          2. you can park for a few dollars in the sheraton garage, enter on 39th Ave between Main St and Prince.

            I think Ma Po tofu is the perfect dish to make you sweat--the hot chilis try to burn you but your mouth is being numbed by the sichuan peppercorns...intense!!

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              The College Point Blvd lot means having to take a bit of a hike! And I fitness walk 6 mi at a clip. There'a time and place for everything though. But I DIDN'T realize that the large lot across the street was for the public I thought it was for that mall. And I also didnt realize that I could use the Sheraton. I have been "painfully" using the municipal lot which is usually full with cars already waiting. If only I had known LOL!!!! Thanks for the rec's I will definitely be going more often.

            2. I go to Spicy and Tasty fairly wife is Chinese and Im can park on 39th Avenue between Main Street and Prince. There is a municipal lot...a Sheraton Hotel parking under the hotel, and there is a ramp right next door to the Sheraton ramp, different owners obviously and you can park there.

              Sheraton and the no name next door should not cost more than$5 or $6...and further down on 39th between Prince and College Point Blvd is the Flushing Mall lot..$3.00 per hour.