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Jul 4, 2006 01:40 PM

Ottawa - Lansdowne Farmer's market

Getting used to the new location for Ottawa threads (and the new board, and having to change my name!).

I was sadly out of town for the first Sunday of the new farmer's market at Lansdowne. Did anyone go? What was the turnout like? How about the produce? I'm looking forward to checking it out next weekend.

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  1. Didn't go to the first one but I have been there a few weekends.
    Its worth going.

    1. Went for the first time today and was thoroughly impressed - LOADS better than the organic market in Ottawa South, which had only a handful of dried goods vendors.

      Bought gorgeous strawberries and organic garlic sprouts (try them, they're awesome), and an injera sandwich from those Ethiopian bakers near the entrance. So good - I plan I buying some next time for weekday lunches.