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Jul 4, 2006 01:02 PM

Anyone tried Nava or Marlowe?

Went to the Keg last night at 7 and 404 for a party and noticed these 2 places which I assume are fairly new additions. Nava (where Rocky mountain used to be) says they are Southwest cuisine while Marlow (where Swiss Chalet used to be) is a wine bar. I don't recall reading anything about them on the board, has anyone been? Are they any good?

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  1. I can speak only for Marlowe, where I attended a friend's birthday party a few months back.

    Marlowe used to only have one location: on College. In the last two years, they've expanded to include a number of "big box" locations in the suburbs, of which the location you speak is one.

    In it's old form, Marlowe was barely adequate. It was typical College Street stuff - trendy interior, barely adequate and predictable food, pretty and relatively adequate service.

    In it's new form, Marlowe has gone from barely adequate to overpriced and atrocious. "Mixed lettuce salads" that contain only iceberg lettuce, which also happened to be brown on the edges and very limp, and drowned in dressing. Very salty soups. Calamari that is very bland and mushy. Meats that are way over cooked, with sides of limp and oily vegetables and overly salty potatoes. Overpriced and uninteresting wine selection (despite marketing itself as a wine bar).

    I was never a fan of the old Marlowe, but at least it was bearable if you ordered smartly (i.e., stick to the basics). However, the new incarnations of Marlowe are priced like a wine bar but the food is worse than what you find at many hole-in-the-wall places.

    1. i've only been to the college one but completely agree. oddly enough i was there for a birthday celebration too and was absolutely shocked that the birthday girl, known to have good taste, would pick such a place. the fact that they would have pad thai, jambalaya and anything else that seemed remotely trendy on the menu should have been a big sign to stay away.

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        Thanks for the replies on Marlowe, I definately won't bother after those remarks! Seemed like the decor was nice, but obviously it's all a ploy :)