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Jul 4, 2006 11:28 AM

fairway custom cakes?

hi all,

my husband & i have already spent a small fortune organizing our son's 4-year old b-day party (something i vowed i wouldn't do, but here i am). at any rate, we've ordered his favorite cupcakes at baked and would like to also get a cake that says happy b-day on it for the adults and so he can blow out some candles. so i am wondering if anyone has ordered a cake from fairway and what your experience was?

prior to this, we've gotten our son's cake from marquet(sp?) which is lovely and affordable but their 10" cake is significantly more expensive than fairway and at this point i am over spending so much $-- i would, however, like the cake to be good--it just does not have to be great ( i am familiar w/ most higher-end brooklyn bakeries like sweet melissa, red hen--(way-overpriced and not that great!), and the more down-to-earth downtown atlantic and cake man) anyhow, if anyone has opinions on fairway or could perhaps suggest someplace else (i.e. an italian bakery), i'd appreciate it--the b-day's this sunday.


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  1. You will make your kid happier by getting his cake from Costco- yes, costco. Give the adults the fancy cake that you ordered.
    I would not order anything prepared from Fairway- as much as they have been a staple in my life for over 20 years, they have gone downhill in every department since expanding.
    Another option is the bakery on 92nd and 3rd- Paneantico. They have wonderful stuff...

    1. I haven't tried the baked goods at the Fairway in Red Hook but have been disappointed in the past by the bakery at the Plainview location. Keep in mind I'm not referring to the breads, only the sweets. Sugary icings, almost stale rainbow cookies. Nothing special there. I've heard they make a good apple strudel but have yet to try it.

      I'd skip it and head someplace you know is more reliable.

      I also had a ridiculously bad experience a few weeks back at Sweet Melissa. Definitely won't be back and for the life of me can't understand where the hype came from. Not quite sure how she'll make it in SoHo.

      1. i've heard costco has fun, tasty and affordable b-day (sheet?) cakes and will certainly consider it for next year--however, i've already ordered cupcakes for my son--so now, it is the adults i'm worried about and do not want to spend a fortune. i appreciate the heads-up on fairway in plainview. maybe i'll stick with marquet (sp?) but i'm certainly open to other affordable options. i agree re: sweet melissa--some of their stuff is good but a lot is overpriced and hit or miss...

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          I'd suggest checking Margaret Palca Bakes on Columbia Street. Haven't had a cake from there in quite a while, but the baked goods I have gotten have been conistently good. I'm also not sure of how her prices compare with Marquet, but it's worth a phone call. And I know you could wow the adults with her ruggelah.

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            Another to try is Cafe Scaramouche. Admittedly I've never ordered a whole cake from them, but I've tried many of their baked goods -- all excellent. They wholesale to Dean&Deluca and other gourmet places in the city. Owners are Argentinean and specialize in custom cakes. You can at least get an estimate.

            Another budget but excellent choice is the cannoli cake at Court Street Bakery. Reasonable price and delicious. But it's the only whole cake of theirs I'd recommend.

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              I would give the Baked cupcakes to the adults and get a Costco or other cheap cake for the kids. Whatever cake you give them, they probably won't eat it— they'll just smush it around on their plates and lick the icing.

            2. We got a fabulous chocolate birthday cake from Jacques Torres' bakery. ALMONDINE in DUMBO. It was fresh, beautiful, made with the best ingredients and outrageously delicious. The cost runs about $3 per person.

              1. I realize the original post is long in the past but I wanted to add my two cents to the topic. I was a guest at a party last summer where they served a terrific birthday cake from Fairway - a big chocolate sheet cake that must have fed 40 people - and it was delicious. Not Baked or anything, but really good chocolate and good icing and none of that supermarket-tinny-sugar taste. Really above my expectations and reasonably priced.