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Jul 4, 2006 11:14 AM

L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon dinner suggestions


We have reservations there on Saturday. Looking for dishes not to be missed. Or should we just have the tasting menu?

Anyone who has been have any thoughts?



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  1. If the pumpkin soup is on the menu it is wonderful and do not miss the oeuf or serrano ham, I also think the languostine ravioli special. Enjoy your meal--oh yes the lamb chops!

    1. Just visited L'atelier this past saturday. The Foie Burger as well as the Foie quail was really good.

      1. I've been to L'Atelier four times, and think the tasting menu is the best way to sample some of the best dishes. The menu may have changed since I tried it, but I particularly liked the following (copying from my trip report):
        (1) Les Huitres: Poached Baby Kumamoto Oysters With Salted Butter. I don't even care for oysters, but these were excellent.
        (2) L'Oeuf: Egg Cocotte Topped With a Light Mushroom Cream. Served in a martini glass. In the bottom, some bright green parsley puree. Next a raw egg. The glass is then steamed, cooking the egg white but not the yolk. On top, a frothy, flavorful cream of mushroom soup, with a couple of pieces of chanterelle mushroom on top of that. Another wonderful combination of flavors; another case where I wasn't so sure I'd like it, but did.
        (3) La Caille: Free-range Quail Stuffed With Foie Gras, With Truffled Potato Puree. L'Atelier is known for its potato puree. They're pureed with lots and lots of butter, and some snippets of chive are added. All of this is covered with a layer of thin truffle slices (although I've read a report recently which seemed to indicate less truffle was used).

        1. Wife and I ate there on the 18th. She teaches French Cuisine. Our favorites were the La Tartine de Pieds de Cochon and the La Langoustine en Ravioli Truffe au Chaud. The La Pintade a la broche et fois gras chaud was good, but not $80.00 good. We also thought a single Langoustine for $30.00 was a little over priced even for Robuchon. Try the '04 Verre de Banyuls with your dessert. She recommends the Tasting menu. We just don't eat that much. I couple stting next to us at the counter had it and were very happy. We also like Lavinia for lunch. 3 Bouulevard de la Madeline. The Pineapple Carpaccio dessert was A++ and will go on our menu in Tucson. Also liked Ze Kitchen Galerie at 4 Rue des Grands Augustins.

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            This thread is for L'Atelier in Las Vegas not Paris.