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Jul 4, 2006 10:31 AM

Anything tasty in the Docklands?

I know this is late notice, but I'm staying at the oh-so-lovely Holiday Inn Limehouse this evening, and am wondering what to eat after I leave the office in Liverpool Street. I could go with some tried and true options near work, but as I don't know Limehouse at all, might as well do a bit of exploring.

Any ideas?

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  1. Someone once told me about The Gaucho Grill. If you like Argentinian steak.. it may fit the bill. I think it has smoking allowed so you may want to take that into consideration.

    1. The best restaurants in that part of Docklands are Ubon-a branch of Nobu, and Quadrato-an Italian restaurant, both within the Four Seasons Hotel at Canary Wharf.

      A few steps away and facing a river terrace is the Docklands branch of Royal China- a superior chain of Chinese restaurants.

      Many people rate The Gun gastropub on the Isle of Dogs.

      1. Agree with all the above - Gaucho does a great steak and Royal China...good chinese! Ubon is great, if a little expensive.

        There are a couple of options closer to where you are staying in Limehouse (although the Holiday Inn is not the best location unfortunately). All located along Narrow Street:

        La Figa - moderate Italian. Has the doors open in good weather, very friendly staff and the usual suspects of pizza, pasta, risotto etc.

        Verde - a small deli at the bottom of the Mosaic building. They have a small cafe and do pasta, risotto, panini etc for dinner (eat in or takeaway). Very reasonably priced if you want a very casual dinner.

        Narrow Street Pub - There are two options here. The bar menu (pretty mediocre) or the dining room, which is alot nicer.

        The Grapes - I have only eaten upstairs, which is a very good seafood restaurant. A very atmospheric place.

        The other pub is Booty's, but I haven't eaten here. Then, if you keep walking along toward Canary Wharf and onto the river you come to the strip of restaurants where Royal China, Ubon and Gaucho are located. There is also Chimi Changa (mexican - not bad) and a branch of Zizzi.

        The Holiday Inn is also well located for a meander into Wapping, where you could check out any number of Pubs. Il Bordello, which is the sister restaurant of La Figa, and the Wapping Project, which has gotten some good reviews.

        In a nutshell - nothing astounding from a chowhound perspective but worth having a look I think.

        1. I happen to live literally 10 yards away from Wapping Food (aka Wapping Project) and eat there frequently.It's certainly an unusual and atmospheric restaurant but the food is a bit hit and miss. However it is the best restaurant in Wapping by some way. Il Bordello and La Figa are both pretty basic Italian with an upmarket veneer for the area. I haven't eaten upstairs at The Grapes for some years but I would avoid as a possible tourist trap. The food at Booty's is utterly bog standard.