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Jul 4, 2006 08:19 AM

Need good American Restaurant near Tysons

Hi all-

I have a niece I want to take out for dinner on Sat.nite- she is a sort of vegetarian-she does eat chicken..I am NOT a vegetarian..

Is there any place where we can both eat and where the food is really good? Cost not a major problem but she has been sick and doesn't want anything too spicey..............


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  1. Hi Andy,

    I know this is French rather than American, but it is very good. I had lunch there last week and it was confit. My GF's dd (vegetarian) has also eaten there and loved it.

    It's right in the original Tyson's Corner shopping center, lower level with an outside entrance.



    1. Please do not go to Bistro 123. We have tried this restaurant several times and have always been disappointed. There are many more good choices in that area. If you like seafood, Coastal Flats is in Tysons Corner mall - heavily seafood. Most of the other restaurants in both that mall and across the street in Tysons Galleria are rather medicre. The best restaurant (other than Maestro at the Ritz) closest to Tysons is Colvin Run Tavern on Rt. 7 just across from the mall - a much better prospect compared to Bistro 123, and likely to be able to put together a better vegetarian dinner than other places. I would call ahead and ask what they offer or can do for her.

      1. I'd recommend the Essential Grill on Rt. 7. They have a very nice menu with seafood, chicken, beef, and have some nice salads. They also specilize in organic and local produce and have a large number of fresh vege choices which is great for a vegetarian.

        I've been there a few times. The service has not been the best but I have had a pretty good meal every time.

        1. Bazin's in Vienna, just outside of Tysons. It's Patrick Bazin's new place and is a very welcome addition to the neighborhood. I'd especially recommend it over anything in the mall. It's a non-chain, nice trendy sort of atmosphere with terrific American cuisine. Good variety of meats, seafood, and a daily vegetarian entree.

          1. If you want something fairly simple, I would also try Cafe Deluxe. It's consistently good American food - not a chain really, but there are three of them in the DC area.