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Havista kyoto noodles - great beef flavor

HLing Jul 4, 2006 06:11 AM

I wonder if anyone had come across the Havista Kyoto Noodles? The plastic cover's color schemes are mostly red and yellow. You can see through it and see the noodles neatly combed and twisted. There's a drawing of a japanese doll on it, as well in the lower left corner, a picture of a bowl of beef noodle soup with some red hot sauce.

I got some recently in one of Flushing, New York's Korean supermarket. (although they are made in Shanghai) They are the basic Yang2 Chun1 noodles, semi dry/wet, packaged with flavor packets. The Kyoto noodles have 3 flavors (besides plain, without flavor packets)chicken, Beef, and Kimchee.

I've only had the beef so far. The noodles are al dente. The instruction tells you to cook the noodles in water, but then not to use that same water for the broth. Instead, to cook up a fresh pot of water for the flavor and the drained noodles.

The beef packet contains a very thick, molasses colored goo that just hits every botton for me. So beefy and flavorful it reminds me of a perfectly slowed cooked home made spicy beef noodle soup. It's so good I don't need actual chunks of beef in the noodles....

Anyone else had them?

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  1. k
    Kagey RE: HLing Jul 4, 2006 10:42 AM

    No, but I think I'll try them if I see them now! Thanks for that.

    1. k
      kimcheater RE: HLing Mar 19, 2007 02:28 PM

      I just picked up some packets from a supermarket in Flushing, and I can't get over how great they taste. The broth is almost as good as fresh (it helps to add a sprinkle of scallions, cilantro, or even sriracha), and the noodles are nice and toothy. It will be very, very hard to go back to Korean packaged ramen.

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