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Jul 4, 2006 06:07 AM

so many choices, so little time. 24 hours in LA

Driving from SF so will have a car. Staying on Fairfax near the Farmers Market. Not interested in high-end spots, but all other suggestions appreciated-especially stuff that I can't get in the Bay Area. Folks on this site came through with several great suggestions for my last trip including a small Yemenese? place on Fairfax. Arriving Saturday, midday and departing same time on Sunday. How much can I pack in?

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  1. hmmm....

    Farmer's've strolled around there right? Popular are Singapore's Banana Leaf, The Gumbo Pot, and the donut place.

    Also, go to Zankou that place...there's one on Sunset. Armenian chicken.....great garlic paste sauce.

    Hit up Thai town.....I think you should hit up Palms Thai....see the singing elvis! they have a very adventerous menu there.

    1. I was recently introduced to Shamshiri Grill in Westwood and if you're into ethnic food (Persian), I think this would be a great spot for lunch. They give you a LOT of food and the prices are decent. (


      Then since you're already in the area, maybe you could go to Didi Reese for a delicious ice cream cookie sandwich. For $1.25, that's not a bad deal either though parking is a pain.

      1. Definitely try an Ethiopian restaurant on Fairfax -- we favor Messob, but the consensus seems to be Meals by Genet.

        Also like the Gumbo pot at Farmer's Market.

        Just had a chicken tarna at Zankous with extra garlic paste and that stuff is just great.

        1. I love the gumbo pot. Good gumbo.

          Thai town (which is a district, not a restaurant) is not too far. It's on Hollywood blvd. between Western and Normandie. I like Ruen Pair in thai town. It's very good, cheap, authentic, and closes at 4 in the morning. I would get papaya salad, pad thai, etc... the usual suspects.

          Zankou is not to far from thai town, it's on the corner of sunset and normandi. Get shawerma sandwich or some chicken with the orgasmic garlic sauce. It's a MUST

          Roscoe's chicken n' waffles is a fairly unique experience. They are close to the Sunset and Gower st. on Gower. You obviously get the chicken and waffles. The waffles are really incredible. Maybe the best in town.

          1. Chichen-Itza for Mexican food from the Yucatan. Try their turkey panuchos. They are located south of downtown, near USC. Not open very late.