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Gourmet Germany?

We're heading to Deutschland this fall to visit the Rhine/Mosel regions, Baden-Baden, Black Forest, Lake Constance and Munich. Any must-hit restaurants, particularly in wine country and Munich? Doesn't have to be German; just good. I like fine dining, but we'd welcome more rustic recommendations, too. Vielen dank!

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  1. I don't know how well you can search old posts on this new site, but there have been lots of posts on Munich in the past. Mentioned by many are several of my favorites, most notably the Weisses Brauhaus which is excellent for both the beer and the food, which seems to me to be better prepared and also a better value than at many of the other beer halls.

    We also very much like Andechs am Dom, behind the Frauenkirche.
    And don't miss the Victualienmarkt -- the big, open air food market. All 3 are in the old center of Munich in the vicinity of the Marienplatz.

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      A second big nod for the der Viktualienmarkt am Marienplatz -- it's sort of a gourmet-oriented farmers' market and holds a lot of traditional/folkish events -- lots of Muenchen charm, for sure. And if you can read German, QYPE.com (the German/European Yelp) is a great place for reviews.

      If you're planning to hit the Kunstareal, (the art district -- Alte+Neue Pinakothek and Pinakothek der Moderne) I highly recommend Zest (bar/restaurant) down the street for great food and drink. It's kind of tucked away and unnoticeable at first, so you can easily miss it. Entrees are € 15-20 (US$20-25) and appetizers are about half as much. Ambience: non-touristy, kind of film sceney.

    2. Weisses Braeuhaus is very good, just don't sit at a Stammtisch or mess with the waitresses.

      1. If you visit one of the wine-growing regions, look for a "Besenwirtschaft". You find them everywhere, announced by an old-style broom (Besen) over the door. These are winegrowers selling their own wine and self made food, exactly like the "Heurigen" in Vienna. This is a tradition going back to the middle-ages, and still flourishing !

        1. For fine dining in Munich, definitely Tantris & for good, but kitschy decor... in a good way - very hard to describe, Austernkeller. There's been a lot of threads on Munich that will help you. For Lake Constance, look up Bodensee, the German name.

          1. Weißes Bräuhaus is, where I usually take visitors first, because it is the most reliable Bavarian restaurant and ideally located.
            My last visitors from Phoenix–where you seem to be from- very much enjoyed Nürnberger Bratwurstglöckl am Dom and Augustiner Biergarten on Arnulfstraße.
            Tantris certainly is top of the line and sports spectacular architecture – the only 2 Michelin star restaurant in Munich. The also mentioned Austernkeller is excellent, but I think it is mainly a romantic spot for a second date or for proposing, but not a particularly Munich experience.
            Andechser am Dom is very popular in this board. Although it is not among my favourites at all, it can be excellent for socializing due to big communal tables and the fact it is mostly crowded.
            Schrannenhalle, adjacent to not to miss Viktualienmarkt, offers 20 something different food places. Not star-rated food, but few know, that at each of the restaurants you can order from all the others too. So in case your group is unable to agree on a particular type of food, everyone can order what he likes and you still can sit together.

            1. It's been a few years since I was in Germany, but hopefully these places haven't changed. In Munich, we mostly ate at the brewery restaurants; the best was Spatenhaus. We had a fabulously rich gourmet meal (prix fixe) at the Hotel Krone in Assmannshausen, which is on the Rhein near Frankfurt; I highly recommend it if you're in the area. We also had a great meal at Alte Thorschenke in Cochem on the Mosel. It was fall when we did our Rhein/Mosel tour too - don't miss the wild game or goose.

              1. Right around the corner from the Glocklenspiel in the center of Munich is a restaurant called the HaxenBauer which specializes in schweinehaxen served with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. This is a must go to place. One pork shank can easily feed two, and if only one person is going to have the pork shank, unless you are a big eater, I suggest the half order. 4 years ago when I was there my then 19 year old stepson couldn't finish a whole one, and he's a good eater.
                Another fun place to go is the Keifer in Munich. If you have 6 or more people reserve one of the private dining rooms. Each one is decorated differently. Fine dining.
                A very upscale restaurant in the center of the city is the WeinhausNeuner. Great food, beautiful decor and excellent service (but you pay for it).

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                  Do you mean Käfer Schänke?

                  Haxnbauer is a lot of fun... and food! I love their radishes & butter & brown bread before the meal arrives!

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                    Käferschänke has two private "separees" for as few as 2 people. They are just around the stairs and in front of the stairs.

                    1. if you're in the region anyway, why not have dinner in Germany's best restaurant, the Schwarzwaldstube of the Hotel Traube in Tonbach


                      It's a 3 Michelin star, 19.5 Gault Millau points experience in case you're interested in this kind of dining. Expect to pay around $150 per person without wines.

                      S. Lami

                      1. For a decadent afternoon, go to Dallmayer's & sip Champagne (or, less expensive, German Sekt) & eat oysters, while perusing the amazing foods on display.

                        1. I can only recommend the "Gourmet Restaurant Lanz" near Lindau, Lake Constance. It's a hidden treasure and food is outstanding. Chef Anton Lanz has his own fresh-water ponds where he breeds his delicious crayfish. The restaurant is small and cosy - the food is outstanding.