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Jul 4, 2006 04:14 AM

Best sticky rice and mango

I had the sticky rice and mango at Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas, and it was out of this world. Phenomenal. I want to enjoy an outstanding rendition of this dish in San Francisco -- but where? Please tell me where I can have delicious sticky rice and mango in San Francisco!

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  1. The thai temple in Berkeley serves a very good version on their Sunday brunch...It is worth the trip particularly if you have the other desserts: Kanom Krok (coconut cakes), and many others!

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      Any other place you can recommend? Perhaps on the Pennisula somewhere? :-)

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        I second Thai Temple in Berkeley for Sunday brunch. Mango & sticky rice is great, the purple rice is especially good in texture. Great for a nice day. The papaya salad is the best I've ever had, they make it to order. Those coconut cakes with green onions are amazing. But please, please bring your own beverages. Absolute worst Thai tea & coffee known to man.

      2. I absolutely love the mango sticky rice w/ coconut ice cream at lotus of siam along with the fried banana. You might want to try Champa Garden in Oakland. The sticky rice is a bit sweeter than normal but you can ask for coconut ice cream. They give you a large portion and it is only $3. Anyone know of food comparable to lotus of siam in the bay area?

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          One thing to note is that Lotus of Siam doesn't have mango sticky rice all the time. Only when mangos are at their absolute best, so you're guaranteed of high quality.

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            Thanks, all, for the responses!

            I too have been interested in finding Lotus of Siam-like fare -- that is, Thai food from the north -- in these parts. I asked a friend of a friend who's Thai, and she said Lanna Thai in the Sunset serves that region's food. Anyone been there?


          2. I ate at Lotus of Siam in Vegas (the place with the stellar reviews in the middle of a HUGE run-down strip mall right?), and wanted to get the sticky rice, but was too full. I had no idea it was a destination restaurant just for the sticky rice.

            The Thai Temple in Berkeley's version is very good, and includes a dark and light rices. I recall Berkeley Thai House having a very good rendition as well.

            1. The mango sticky rice at Krung Thai (Mountain View & San Jose) has always been consistantly good. Similar to Lotus of Siam, the sweet coconut rice is topped with sprinkles of cripsy rice. As with many places, the dessert is only offered during mango season.

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