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Jul 4, 2006 02:47 AM

Italian food - Bronx

We are Chicagoans coming to NYC in August for 2 weeks vacation. Where would we find authentic Italian in the outer boroughs? Some have told us Arthur Ave in the Bronx? What is the best restaurant in that area? What subway line would we take to get there from the upper east side of Manhattan? 1st/92nd.


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  1. Well, I can't speak to the quality of Arthur Avenue Italian restaurants, but I can tell you that there is no direct subway line to the Arthur Avenue area. The best you can do is #4 or D train to Fordham Road then #12 bus heading east; or #2 or #5 train to Pelham Parkway then #12 bus heading west; or Metro North Harlem River Line to Fordham Road shuttle bus to Belmont & Bronx Zoo. Either that or a cab to and from...

    If you want to avoid all that, let me suggest that you head over to Brooklyn and try Queen instead. It's located on Court Street in the Downtown Brooklyn area, about halfway between Montague Street and Atlantic Avenue. Its unprepossessing setting belies the terrific quality of the food (be sure to try the mozzarella).

    And you'll be in a strategic spot to explore some of Brooklyn, either before or after your meal. You can easily walk to Montague Street and then to the Promenade, where you'll be treated to one of the very best views of lower Manhattan that there is. Or you can walk to Atlantic Avenue and stop for a microbrew at the Waterfront Ale House. Or continue along Court Street to explore Cobble Hill.

    Or for a real treat, if you feel like a nice long walk after your meal, you can find your way to the Brooklyn Bridge and walk over it back to Manhattan. If the sun has set you'll be treated to some spectacular views.

    But whatever you do, welcome to our fair city. I hope you enjoy yourselves thoroughly.

    1. go to Robertos .take a taxi

      1. There's also Williamsburg, Brooklyn, especially the Graham Avenue stop on the L train. This is the heart of an old Italian neighborhood where most of the residents' ancestors came from one tiny town in southern Italy: Teggiano. Cono is the patron saint of that town, and there are at least five restaurants named Cono or with a chef named Cono. I believe that years ago Jim Leff wrote that Cono & Sons O'Pescatore was just about the best of its type in NYC, so old-school authentic that they use Neapolitan techniques that are hard to find even in Naples.
        There's also Frost, La Locanda, lots of others. And the nearby giglio festival in July is a very big deal.

        I'm not sure if this is worth the trip from 92 Street, but if you are ever around 14 th street, it's an easy ride by the L train. In any case, enjoy NYC!

          1. Thank you all for the information. I can't wait.