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Jul 4, 2006 02:43 AM

Lavender Ice Cream--Mashti Malone's

I made my way to Mashti Malone's on LaBrea the other day. They don't always have it--maybe just in summer?--but they had made up an amount of lavender ice cream, and had even pre-packed some pints in the freezer section.

I recommend it!

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  1. I had it two weekends ago. I thought it was delicious. I also really liked the black cherry ice cream. If anyone hasn't been there, I highly recommend it myself. It's a truely unique place that has really creative and novel ice creams.

    1. lavender ice cream!! thanks for the tip, will definitely have to try it. i had the lavender lemon bar from surfas, and that was definitely interesting. i'm not sure i would recommend it.

      1. Two months ago, my finacee promised to make me a home baked ultrea chocolate chip cookie in a pizza pan mounded with Mashti's ginger rosewater (and possibly a little mango on the side.)

        Next time you go, try a mashti, or one of the yummy banana splits!

        1. does mashti's have a straight rosewater ice cream without the pistachios? the one at rose market in westwood did and it was dang good; i'd assume mashti's does too but i can't quite recall.

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            Yes, they got creamy rosewater, non-dairy rosewater, and rosewater ice.

            Haven't tried the lavender, will have to--my fave remains the pomegranate, when they have it.


          2. Thanks for the website. I went back tonight, the 4th of July. They still have lavender.
            Bought another pint. Hand-packed this time: seemed better than the one out of the freezer, which was pretty great to begin with. I'm glad all you hounds haven't bumrushed MM's to eat all the lavender, so I can get some more!
            Also picked up a pint of the sour cherry faludeh.
            Homeless guy started yelling at the guys working: "I DIDN'T KNOW YOU MADE SHAKES! SINCE WHEN DO YOU MAKE SHAKES!"
            They make shakes.